Vitaly Friedman’s Notebook: 25 Sites You Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2005

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“The year 2005 was rich on fresh, inspiring and useful Web-Development-Resources. Here is the list of the 25 sites you probably shouldn’t have missed in 2005. The resources listed below are as useful as the resources listed on the top of the list.”

Vitaly Friedman’s Notebook: 25 Sites You Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2005


Cat in a bathtub!

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We made the executive that annabelle needed a bath tonight. She was not
so fond of the decision, but her fur is much nicer now!


Egglectic again

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Another saturday, another great breakfast at egglectic. We’re up early
so we can hit Urban Outfitters before the crowds hit.


Catnip party!

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Dark Miracle

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Dark Miracle

Josh Ellis, a net journalist, wrote a great peace about his visit to the site of the first atomic test, the Los Alamos/Trinity Test Site .  A well written piece about some of the history, and the magnitude of what happened early one morning in 1945.


Interesting Facts About Domain Names

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Found this great article on statistics about domain names. Did you know that all the 3-letter domains are taken? How about that the average length of a domain name is 11 characters? Most name (Joe, Bob, Sally) domains are already snapped up, and that there are more domains with “sex” than “love” in the name. Oh, and more domains start with the letter “s” than any other letter.

More fun facts here


New Office!

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I moved to my new cube today. Ahhh big windows… I’m sorry to see
Erin go to another department, but I really like her desk. 🙂


Sunset in the park

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Brit and I walked up to the park down the road from our place that we
just realized was there today! We sat in the chilly wind and watched
the sun go down, with the city far off in the distance at our backs.

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