Hell City Tattoo Festival, Columbus, OH

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Whew.. finally getting a few minutes to sit down and blog my weekend in full. Friday afternoon I hopped in the car after work and took off for Columbus, OH. After getting stuck in rain, traffic, and construction I finally made it to Columbus around 2:30am. Luckily Tony was awake, welcomed me and then we crashed out so we could get up at 7:30 to head down to the Hyatt to help set things up for Hell City.

We walked into the Hyatt at an ungodly time in the morning to find that it was being overrun with a bunch of middle school/high school? volleyball players and their suburbanite parents for some sort of championship match. What a mix with a tattoo convention, eh? We spent the morning moving things into new rooms where there was more space, and then I spent the day either watching the fine art gallery downstairs, registering people for the tattoo competitions (I got to register the “Unusual” category), working the merchandise table, or just running around doing things here and there. Some of the highlights of the “Unusual” registrations included Jesus on a toilet, Michael Jackson with a boy on his knee, a food inspired work of art including Lucky Charms, the Quaker Oats guy, Chef Boyardee, McDonalds, and more. Most of my afternoon was spent at the merchandise table with Jamie and Dana, with the occasional stop in by other people to help out. It’s amazing how often people don’t bother to read signs, as we clearly stated the answers to the most commonly asked questions in ink and paper. Oh well, we still had fun.

When the actual convention floor closed at 11, it was time for everyone to hit the bar at the hotel. A few drinks later somehow Jamie was convincing me to stay out while Dana and Tony went home to crash. My arm was twisted so hard. lol Walking the streets of Columbus, a late night taco bell run, some sexy Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil, and about 2-3hrs of sleep and before we knew it we were stumbling back to the Hyatt for Sunday.

Sunday was a long day of merchandise selling. We sold out of so much stuff. A few hours into the day, I realized that there was no safe way I could make the 6 hour drive in the rain back to Chicago, so I let work know, and keep drinking red bull to get me through the day. Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory mother’s day call.

After things shut down on Sunday for good around 8pm, we began the long process of breaking stuff down. Several hours later I found myself at Stained Skin with a needle getting shoved through my arm and Tony putting in a surface piercing on the top of my forearm. Then finally we made it back to a nice comfy bed for some well deserved sleep and then the drive home the next morning.

Want to check out more pictures?
Hell City 2006
Forearm Surface Piercing

NAO Design

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These guys have got some incredibly cool stuff. I want so much of their stuff: the TV Table, BiPlanar Table, the tower lamp, and a bunch of the stuff that isn’t even for sale!  They’re also responsible for the JL421 Badonkadonk that you may have heard of.
NAO Design


Boing Boing: Soldiers to sport life recorders

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They’re going to turn the soldiers into gargoyles!

Boing Boing: Soldiers to sport life recorders


Late night piercing fun

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Hell City closed down and we decided since we were still in town we’d do
some piercing. Carly got a unnamed ear piercing and Tony did a surface
piercing on my forearm. Probably the most complex body mod since my
dermal punches. It involved first shaving my arm, and then jumping two
veins in my arm with the needle and then threading the tygon across my
arm, but not before taking the bar and lifting up the skin a bit, and
then finally screwing on the ball. The pain wasn’t all that much, but
the combination of that and only 3 hours of sleep and about 40 hours of
working Hell City got me a little light headed. Luckily, thanks to
Carly, a little fruit juice and I was all set. Now it’s just a matter
of healing and the hair growing back so I don’t look like a freak!
Note the fine Hell City merchandise I scored for working the weekend. 🙂


Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, OH continued..

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Some more pictures from around Hell City this weekend. My vendor pass,
working the merchandise booth on about 3 hours of sleep, the mercandise
booth with some of my cohorts in retail, the laser projection things set
up around the Hyatt, the entrance to the Ohio girls roller derby match,
the admissions girls, mullet man, Hell City banner, Stained Skin’s booth
front and center on the main floor, Art Fusion (6 artists collaborating
on multiple pieces), the main stage, new friends getting tattooed, and
two girls who have been walking around the free area of the convention
for at least 2 hours but won’t drop the $ to go in, and finally the man
in charge, Durb, getting interviewed.
Didn’t get photos of the Suicide Girls, Kat Von D, or the incredible
artwork of Nick Baxter or Joe Capobianco.
All in all a great deal of work, a very small amount of sleep, but a fun
weekend, would love to make it out to the Phoenix show in August of next
Hell City Tattoo Festival
Brought to you by:
Stained Skin
“Columbus’ finest tattooing and piercing 13 years strong.”
1255 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201


Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, OH

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Even after the long drive and getting in after 2am, we still got up and
made it to the Hyatt before 8am. Spent the morning helping things get
setup and now I’m hanging out in the Fine Art Gallery & Tattoo Museum to
make sure nothing walks off. Some great artwork in here. One that
stands out more is Nick Baxter.
I want this
Officially I don’t think things kick off for another 20 minutes, but
there’s already people milling about all over the hotel. It’s going to
be a good day. 🙂


To Ohio!

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My bag is packed, snacks are on hand, and the carputer is loaded with
new music. To Hell City!


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I think they should pass out aviator helmets to every senior that gets a
scooter. It would be much more entertaining.


Geek presents

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With a dying harddrive in my desktop, I finally busted out the best buy
gift cards from christmas and my birthday and scored a nice fat 400GB
harddrive and a gig of ram for my laptop. Four hundred gigs takes
for-freaking-ever to format. 😛


DMV fun

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After way too long, I finally have my Illinois license. The real thing
looks like a fake. Also got my motorcycle permit. Woohoo!

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