Burning Man ticket arrives!

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Woohoo! Got my official ticket today! Can’t wait to go dance in
flames, make fire explode with the wave of a hand, enjoy the company of
others, and take lots of pictures. 🙂

Palette – Day 1

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Shirt – red
Pants – blue
Belt – black and silver
Socks – white
Shoes – black, white, gray



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A couple of girls that were way to happy to see me home finally. 🙂

Odd name choice or genius marketing?

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I was so hungry on the flight to Chicago that I bought one of the
over-priced “Snack Packs.” Inside I found this.

Flight 234 to Phoenix

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I bid thee farewell Cali. I will see you again briefly in August, and
then permanently in November. Don’t go changing, cause I love you the
way you are. 🙂

The journey back begins

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Woke up too early this morning, checked out of the hotel, hopped in the
Chrysler Sebring one more time and was off to the San Jose airport to
fly back to Chicago. I got to the gate about 2 hours early, but luckily
TMobile had an access point and I got a chance to work on hiptop3.com. We’re due to start
boarding in about 20 minutes.
Transportation for today:
Rental Car to the airport
Bus to the terminal
Plane to Phoenix
Plane to Chicago O’Hare
Car to the office
My own car back home.
Total travel time estimated: 11 hours

California photo dump

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Some pics I took that didn’t get posted yet. Chu on the BART, and an
incredibly talented guy fire dancing at Nimby on sunday night. I don’t
remember his name, but I’m sure Nicole or Rubin would know. Picture
from Caltrain heading out of San Francisco down to Santa Clara, and
finally the view from my hotel in Fremont.

6 Pack

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Of wine that is. Found this receipt while packing up for the journey to
Chicago. It’s a shame the cops made us lose the alcohol that night. At
least chu got to enjoy the rest of it!


Santa Cruz Beach in Santa Cruz

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Chilling at the beach, enjoying some sun and watching the waves roll in.

Santa Cruz Diner in Santa Cruz, CA

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Erin and I drove down to Santa Cruz beach and stopped off at the Santa
Cruz diner for “breakfast.” I went with the delicious blueberry
waffle. It was quite tasty. Now it’s off to the beach and boardwalk to
enjoy the beautiful weather and meet up with some of her friends.

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