Going back to school

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I’m going back to school. The desire for education has been there for years, but the dislike for the structure of our education system reared it’s head early on. Now, thanks to Google and UC Berkeley I can go to class whenever I want. They’re putting up free videos of lectures on Google Video. This makes me so happy. I’ll finally be able to pause my teachers when I need a break, fast forward through the boring useless parts, and go to class whenever I feel like it.


Adaptec Gamebridge

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Yes, another Woot purchase. This one is sub-par though. Whoever wrote
the install for the software needs to call support and get it fixed.
When it asked if I wanted to associate “Video files” with the Home
Theater software I said not a chance. So instead it wiped out the
current file extensions that were registered. And when trying to watch
tv it would freeze and the led would turn red. I had to unplug it and
plug it back in to get it working again. Oh, and sound quality was not
so good. Lots of random crackling every few minutes. Although it
might do the job for the amount of live tv I watch. We’ll see after I
do some more troubleshooting….


Bionics and the future

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Sometime last year kale and I got to talking about more serious body modification, involving embedding a wireless access point somewhere in your body. Unfortunately after a few emails to some wireless companies, kale only got a t-shirt and no funding. This recent article in Wired is interesting because it mentions the desire of people, who are not disabled in any way, to modify their body and enhance it. I know that for me personally, if I was ever to lose a limb or major body part, I would be first in line for experimental procedures. Wired Article

160 Megapixels?!

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Tired of being able to fit your camera in your pocket? Feel like you should be carrying around a computer to store super high resolution photos on? Have several thousand dollars to spend? Well then you need a Seitz! Some stats:

# Create a high resolution 6×17 digital image (160 million pixels) in
one second!
# User-friendly camera system and software with 640×480 pixel colour touch screen for perfect preview, editing, zooming and image control
# State-of-the art computer technology with gigabit Ethernet file transfer, powerful portable mini-computer (storage device) and handheld control device (PDA) with IP network WLAN connection

And yes, that is a Mac Mini in the pictures. Images so big you need a Mac Mini to store them. At least you can sit down and load up Photoshop and edit your pictures right there on the beach!

More Info and Buy it!


another lazy saturday morning

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Sleeping in on another Saturday with Gabby. I was wondering where Bunki
was and then heard a thump as she jumped down from the top of the
closet. Still not sure how she gets all the way up there.
It’s not a true blog without a bunch of pictures of your cats.

Driving home in the storm

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A few pictures from the drive home yesterday. It was pouring down rain
but cleared up for the most part as I pulled in at home. Also saw and
incredible full arc, double rainbow, with one being exceptionally
Yes, those are my windshield wipers going as fast as they can.



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Went to Gameworks for a release party today. Spent most of the time
playing pinball, but found the DDR machine. It was apparently out of
order. Hopefully it’s because they’re waiting to install the
flamethrowers. 🙂

Talk Like a Pirate day

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So yeah, I’m going to go jump on some bittorrent sites, maybe download the latest movie instead of seeing it in the theaters. Then I’m going to hunt down a cracked copy of Photoshop. Maybe even download the latest version of Windows so I don’t have to pay for it. Then it’s off to the back alleys to buy some illegally copied CDs of my favorite musicians. Wait, what? Oh.. THAT kind of pirate..

Pandora + Last.fm

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I love Pandora, it seems to always know what I want to hear. I also like Last.fm because I’m a bit of a stats junkie and it’s interesting to see what my listening patterns truly are. Now I can combine the two with a great FireFox plugin.



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Mmmm blue-green algae.

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