11th grade photo

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I found my 11th grade yearbook photos. Apparently I was the “first
student in line who has not ordered a package” I don’t think I ever
had a correct year book photo in the right year’s book in high school.
Some schools had me the year after I left even.

More from the graveyard

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An old apple IIgs that appears that it would boot if I had some
floppies. If only I had a copy of oregon trail on the original 5.25″
disks. I’m finding it hard to list this on freecycle because it was
such a part of growing up. Well, not this one, but these systems.

Pen computing!

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Years before the latest tablet PCs, Compaq took a stab at a tablet PC.
A blazing fast 486 with 8mb of RAM and a black and white screen. Came
with a detachable keyboard and the necessary pen. When I picked this up
I threw windows 95 on it, but never did anything with it. Time to throw
it on freecycle and see if anyone can put it to use.

Couch removal

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Sitting and waiting for a guy to come by and pickup the couch. I don’t
dare try to move it downstairs by myself. Hehe also have a large pile
of free stuff to get rid of. Freecycle has been great this weekend for
my life downsizing.


Days that end early

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Days that end early are my bag! Even if it is only a little bit early.

Another “too early” post

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Morning shifts are not my bag baby.



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Excuse me lumines, but I think I got that one. Right?


Halloween Costume acquired

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El Conejo will crush you!

Houlihan’s in Schaumburg, IL

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Out to dinner with Nicci. Cool metal menus. And a decent steak salad.

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