Day 4 continued..

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Wow, cell signal has been very spotty all day. That explains the odd
times/order/etc for my previous posts.
We finally crossed the border into California and there was much
rejoicing. We had to get the UHaul quickly inspected (no immigrants,
fruits, or vegetables were found) and then we drove into the sunset on
I-40, continuing the last legs of this cross-country trek.
We just got through the Mojave Desert and the Tehachapi Mountains. The
little car is still chugging along through the hills and the wind. I am
amazed that this 4-cynlinder 9year old car is still going after 2300
hard miles.
Our original plan was to stay in Bakersfield, and drive up to San
Francisco, but it looks like we’ve got the stamina to keep driving and
make it to Paso Robles tonight.
Oh, and for anyone coming this way, expect to get nailed for gas at
almost $4/gal because there’s nothing else around. Fill up often and
when it’s cheap or be prepared to pay at the oasis.

Day 4 – Grand Canyon National Park

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Day 4 and we’re still trucking on I40. Took a slight detour up to the
Grand Canyon National Park since I’ve never seen it before. Just a
quick trip this time, but I’ll be back to raft it some day. These
pictures don’t do it justice, but it is quite the sight. Somewhat
difficult to wrap your head around the sheer size of it. Awesome in the
true sense of the word.

Day 3 photo dump

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The biggest day of driving. 4 states covered, and 700+ miles. Stopped
in Flagstaff, AZ. Getting ready to grab some breakfast and get back on
the road. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day! We should hit
California today. 🙂


Closing day 2 and starting day 3

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Somewhere in west Oklahoma the wind started picking up and my poor
little car was struggling. We decided to stop for the night in Erick,
OK and camp out. We found a Day’s Inn and as soon as I stepped out of
the car my hat went flying into the road. I had to sprint to catch up
with it. The internets say it was winds of 25-35mph with gusts up to 45
last night.
This morning it’s no better, the maps show a huge pocket of 30-40mph
winds in Oklahoma and nothern Texas and we are smack dab in the middle
of it. Oh well, gonna be a slow drive at first today.
We were reminded that we were in Oklahoma when we woke up to tumbleweed
stuck under the car. And it’s almost comical to see real life
tumbleweed blow across the road.
980miles down… a long ways to go.


Tulsa, OK – Dinnertime

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A quick stop at Cattleman’s Steakhouse & Bar for some dinner. Mmm steak
and chocolate cake. Then back on the road to try to hit Amarillo, TX
tonight. where you
should be back up and running. Apparently I ran out of prepaid
minutes, but after giving them more personal information than necessary
I was back up and running… 710 miles down.

Day 2 of OSF

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Woken up by the sounds of pounding concrete and construction we ventured
out and found some Waffle House. Only the second one we’ve seen since
leaving Chicago. They seem to get rather sparse the further west you
I forgot to mention, we crossed over the Mississippi River and passed by
the St Louis Arch yesterday. It was dark, and I was trying to keep the
trailer on the road, so no pictures.
We’re back on the road now, shooting for at least 700 miles today.
Headed to Oklahoma now!

Caling it a night

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We’ve got 400+ miles under our belt, and it’s time to call it a night.
We’re in Rolla, MO and it’s time to crash. Looks like mologogo crashed
somewhere north of St Louis. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on it



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After a full day of packing, getting a trailer hitched, and packing all
my belongings up, dad, the cats, and I are ready to hit the road. We
made it 400 yards before our first stop at the Fox and Hound for some
dinner before we head to Springfield, MI. This trip has now been dubbed
OSF, but the meaning is up in the air. Operation San Francisco, Odyssey
San Francisco, Overland San Francisco, Oh Shit that’s Far.
California, here I come!


Flying out of Oakland again

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Another flight out of Oakland back to OHare to spend a few more hours in
Chicago packing up the uhaul. Then it’s on the road back to SF. Rubin
was kind enough to give me a ride to OAK, sparing me the trouble of
hauling luggage on muni and bart.
I’ve got a PSP with episodes of Battlestar Galactica and and Nicole’s
old ipod loaded with her music. The flight should be enjoyable!

A new place

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I am sitting in the middle of my new apartment, staring out the window
at the lights of the Sutro Tower. You can’t wipe the smile off of my
face. Only one road trip left. I still can’t believe I’ve pulled it
off thus far. Such a huge change, both in location and myself. I’m
living the life I want, and where I’ve wanted. I should have been here
years ago, it feels so much like home already. The buses, the trains,
walking the streets, the people, the weather, the mountains, the
attitudes, the opportunities, so much to take in and so enjoyable. And
I owe so much to my friends, especially Rubin and Chu. They’ve been so
welcoming and helpful and I don’t think I could have done it without
The last few months have brought me to depths of fear and peaks of joy,
and I wouldn’t change anything.

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