Spell your name with Flickr

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Almost everyone should know about flickr by now.  Here’s a cool site that has a script that will spell whatever you specify with photos of the letters grabbed from flickr.  Worth at least a few minutes of fun.


Sand Fantasy

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I was introduced to this cool art form on a forum I frequent.  I recommend watching the “Imagine” video.  It’s strangely calming.  Here’s what the site has to say about the artist:

Ilana draws on sand, using only her fingers.  As she weaves together sand, lighting and music, Ilana creates incredible three dimensional vistas they play out in perfect time with the musical accompaniment, Indeed, it is difficult  to decide if the music accompanies the work of art, or vice versa Ilana’s fingers dance in the sand on the glass to the music, the resulting aesthetic dynamic is powerful and moving.


Make a map of your links

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Here’s a fun little site with a tool for creating a map of sites based on who links to who.  You’ll need Java for it to work, but it’s pretty cool.

Don’t Click.. if you can

Posted in Cool Sites, Fun Stuff at 1:45 pm by divinity

I was introduced to this site by  a post on one of the forums I frequent.  It’s an interesting look at the interface we all know in love.  See how long you can go before the instinct to click kicks in.

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