A Fresh Start…

Posted in Personal News at 12:10 am by divinity

Every few years it seems like I need to switch blogging software. I started with manual HTML editing with notepad, used Greymatter for awhile, stuck with MovableType for sometime, then found EasyMoblog when I wanted to be able to post photos and posts from my sidekick. With EasyMoblog not being developed any further (as far as I can tell), I figure it’s time I move my last blog off of it. On all my other sites I’m running WordPress, and now my own personal site has joined the family. I did write an easymoblog to wordpress migration script in PHP awhile back. It was for version 1.5, so I’m not sure how much (if any editing) will be needed to migrate it to WordPress 2. So I may or may not move the database over.

As I start my 26th year on this planet, maybe it’s time to close up those blog entries and start a new collection of posts. For those that are just tuning in, if this is the most recent post, the site probably looks like crap. I’ll have to work on a theme, add all the links back, and tweak everything to get it to my liking over the next few weeks, so hang in there.

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