Nine Inch Nails at The Rave

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We went and saw NIN in Milwaukee at the Rave’s Eagle Ballroom with a
bunch of old and new friends. It was incredible. After seeing NIN in a
large arena, I vowed never to waste money on a ticket unless they were
playing a smaller venue. This was the perfect place. They played a lot
of old stuff as well as the good new stuff. Some of the songs they
played: Mr Self-Destruct, Wish, Closer, Reptile, Piggy, Hurt,
Starfuckers, and a few others I can’t remember right now. The venue was
great, with plenty of room for everyone (for the most part). I spent
the last third of the show up in the pit right in front of the stage,
4-5 people away from the fence. Trent may be getting a bit old, but he
still puts on an incredible show! Now we’re chilling and recovering at
Vox, a chill little bar in Milwaukee. The pictures probably look like
crap, but what can you expect with the sk2 cam in lowlight, eh? I did
catch one guy snapping a pic with his treo though.

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