What an inconsiderate dick

Posted in Mobile Posts at 9:40 pm by divinity

Illinois License plate: 728 3097
We were at the mall, on a saturday, where spots within a mile of the
mall were scarce and so we were circling looking for a spot. As we
turned down a lane, we were waved at by a guy walking to his car
indicating that he was pulling out and would give us his spot, eye
contact and pointing at our car and everything. The car in front of us
was already past this spot but rather than continuing down the lane,
looking for another opportunity, and give us the spot that we had been
“waved for,” they decided to just throw it in reverse, forcing us to
backup into the main road to avoid him hitting us. He then proceeded to
pull into our parking spot. A real shitty thing to do man. I hope your
Fish emblem in the sky smotes you.

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