Guinness Surger!

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Shamefully ripped from Gizmodo

The Guinness Widget is a neat feat of engineering and it does pour a halfway decent pint from a can, compared to what you’d get from a keg at a pub, but if you live in the UK you have another option as of this month. The Guinness Surger is a electrical device with a small metal plate on it; you pour a little water onto the plate, put a pint of the special Guinness Draught Surger Beer in place and then turn the power on, sending ultrasonic pulses up through the beer to create the creamy head we all know and love.

If that sounds incredible, you really need to watch the video and see it in action, it really is amazing to see in action. £16.99 for the starter kit which includes one Surger, a pint glass and two cans of Surger Beer, it’s currently only available at Tesco Extras in the UK.

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