Late night piercing fun

Posted in Body Mod, Mobile Posts at 12:40 am by divinity

Hell City closed down and we decided since we were still in town we’d do
some piercing. Carly got a unnamed ear piercing and Tony did a surface
piercing on my forearm. Probably the most complex body mod since my
dermal punches. It involved first shaving my arm, and then jumping two
veins in my arm with the needle and then threading the tygon across my
arm, but not before taking the bar and lifting up the skin a bit, and
then finally screwing on the ball. The pain wasn’t all that much, but
the combination of that and only 3 hours of sleep and about 40 hours of
working Hell City got me a little light headed. Luckily, thanks to
Carly, a little fruit juice and I was all set. Now it’s just a matter
of healing and the hair growing back so I don’t look like a freak!
Note the fine Hell City merchandise I scored for working the weekend. 🙂

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