Monday in San Francisco

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After bidding farewell to our organizer, s4xton, this afternoon, chu and
I looked at each and went “now what?” We ended up going and checking
out Haight street, spent some time in the shops there, met up with
sinai, spent some more time in Ameoba where I picked up a limited
edition LTJ Bukem album on vinyl, and then met up with Justin, a friend
from college who’s been out here for around 2 years now.
Then it was off to dinner at Gordon Biersch, where we walked in to see
the Hurricanes and Edmonton playing the final game of the Stanley Cup
and was glad to see the Canes winning at 3-1 with only 1 minute left in
the game. They of course won and the Stanley Cup was theirs. A short
while later I got a text message from my dad saying: “holy shit I just
drank champagne out of the cup no shit, for real” So jealous. Hehe
After Gordon Biersch it was off to the House of Shields where we spent
way too long talking about geek stuff, the state of the web, and the
music industry. Then we headed over to Sparky’s, grabbed some fries,
chatted a bit more, and then caught our respective buses home. The
weekend must be catching up with us, as it’s 1:45am and I’m ready for

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