Tuesday Touring in San Francisco

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Chu and I spent another day traveling around San Francisco exploring. I
love this city, and especially the buses. So easy and cheap to get
around. We hit the surplus store mentioned in a previous post, and
passed by the place myr suggested we hit (luckily it was closed) while
on our way to The Window for some of the best fried rice I’ve ever had.
A huge steaming plate of chicken, shrimp, egg, and beef fried rice. So
good. I paused to snap a picture of some appropriate graffiti on the SF
sidewalk, and then it was off to check out the touristy Fisherman’s
Wharf and get a glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge. We wandered around
the piers, checked out the Musee Mechanique where there were quite a few
old mechanical toys and antique arcade machines. Chu pointed out the
Freudian store selection all within a block, and then we headed back to
Chateau de Chu to relax with some sparks. Tomorrow I get up and head
down to Santa Clara and go to work for a few days. The weekend plans are
still not set in stone, but it’s looking like a trip to Santa Cruz beach
with Erin. 🙂

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