Whitewater Rafting down Wolf River

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I spent the weekend up in Wisconsin for some camping and whitewater
rafting on the Wolf River. We lost all cell signal well before we made
it back through the winding roads to our campsite, the sidekick was off
the entire weekend. It was a good break, no phone calls to answer, no
emails or text messages. Just the woods, rafting, and having a good
time. The pictures were snapped on our way out, where we stopped at
Smokey Falls (the last rapid/waterfall) to take a picture. I guess the
river decided I’d do this one standing up, since we hit a rock or
something that bounced me to my feet and I surfed the way down upright.
Lotsof fun, a good group of people, and plenty of excitement. But now
I’m sore, tired and ready for a nice nap. 🙂

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