The Age of the Web Hermit

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bit-tech.net | The Age of the Web Hermit

Scary or exciting?  The sheer vastness of the amount of information on the Internet has always thrilled me.  Instant knowledge whenever you need it.  (Granted it needs to be taken with a grain of salt sometime)  I find myself falling back to a web hermit every now and then.  Especially lately since I’m on a hardcore budget.  For the cost of my internet connection I have access to income generating work, entertainment, friends (in text form), and education.  However, after a few days of this I do find the need for actual human contact and get out of the house.  I do have a bone to pick with people that contrast the online world with “real life.”  For some of us the internet and computers are so interwoven into our lives that there is no distinction, it is “real life.”  The internet is not just a game but rather a source of income, a passion, social community, and more.  Granted, I don’t fully understand those that spend hours playing video games, but I do understand that part of it is community and hanging out with your friends.  There’s a big social aspect to some of the MMORPGs, but at the same time it pulls you away from other social circles.  In the end it’s all about balance.  You have to figure out when to turn on and turn off.  I’ll probably go home this evening and spend 6-7 hours working on websites, but come this weekend, I’ll be looking for a good reason to get out of the house.  Perhaps I’ll run around the city with some friends doing sf0 tasks. 🙂

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