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I was just poking around through some old archives of my blog (I started “blogging” in 1998. I called it journaling back then) and found this snippet:
May 26, 1998

Well, I’ve gone and started and worked at the Amoco gas station, and today I announced that I was leaving in about two weeks. The Road Trip plans have fallen through because Anthony, my roadmate, hurt his leg, and medical bills aren’t cheap! But nevertheless, the great summer party will go on, as these are the last few months before itÒ€ℒs off to college. I’ve been accepted, and accepted the acceptance at Denison University in Granville, OH. It’s a small university which worries me a little bit, but then again 2000 is big compared to some of my high schools. So hopefully it will work out, and hopefully I will get into Berkeley, make a decision on whether it’s the right place for me, and move out to live in California (my dream). My dad just returned from San Francisco the other day, bringing with him stories of Haight-Ashbury and a thing of beads for my doorway, as well as some other random stuff. πŸ™‚ Not too much to report that I can think of now. Hmmm…I’ve gotten a new computer if that wasn’t mentioned in the last update. A nice 233mhz 32MB RAM, 4 gig hard drive (with the old 400 mb one in it),a 56k modem, etc. πŸ™‚ Compared to my old one (66 mhz, 400mbHard drive, 14.4 modem), it’s screaming.. πŸ™‚ Well I should really be asleep now because I gotta work third shift at the gas station again tonight, and I haven’t been asleep since I got off work this morning! πŸ˜› IÒ€ℒll be updating more often though, because someone I’ve met has been so generous to donate some web space to me. I hadn’t updated in awhile, because I had maxed out all my AOL web space.. πŸ˜› I have to squeeze my life into 2 MBs? I don’t think so! But thanks again to ‘starzz’! Oh yeah, and join #sxc on EFnet (it’s IRC, if ya don’t know about it, find out about it!) Catch all three of you that actually read this later! πŸ™‚

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