160 Megapixels?!

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Tired of being able to fit your camera in your pocket? Feel like you should be carrying around a computer to store super high resolution photos on? Have several thousand dollars to spend? Well then you need a Seitz! Some stats:

# Create a high resolution 6×17 digital image (160 million pixels) in
one second!
# User-friendly camera system and software with 640×480 pixel colour touch screen for perfect preview, editing, zooming and image control
# State-of-the art computer technology with gigabit Ethernet file transfer, powerful portable mini-computer (storage device) and handheld control device (PDA) with IP network WLAN connection

And yes, that is a Mac Mini in the pictures. Images so big you need a Mac Mini to store them. At least you can sit down and load up Photoshop and edit your pictures right there on the beach!

More Info and Buy it!

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