Where it all started..

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I was 6 years old, dad had just bought a Mac and we got a blazing fast
1200 baud modem and got hooked up with Compuserve. I was going through
downsizing my “stuff” and came upon this old modem and the original
Compuserve manual. It’s laughable looking back at it now. It was
$15.00/hr to connect during prime time!! And that was for 1200 baud. If
you had 9600 you were shelling out $47.50 an hour! Now for less than
$50 a month I can get online at 6mbps. Plus it was $4 exta a week for
64,000 characters over your limit of 128,000 characters of online
storage. Wow. This probably qualifies as the first time I got online,
as the bbs days were 8 years later. I have faint memories of playing
games and wasting mom and dad’s money for hours on end. Hehe

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  1. Dad said,

    October 17, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    So this is where we went wrong as parents.
    Don’t forget, the original Mac is in the basement. . . waiting for you.

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