Why I’m so happy lately..

Posted in Personal News at 7:31 pm by divinity

The past few days I’ve been unshakably happy. All the little stuff can’t touch me. I couldn’t truly pinpoint exactly what it was for awhile. I knew it had to do with finally heading out to California, but I’ve done other moves in the past. I should be hating life right now with all the packing and crap. But Rubin made me realize it when he sent me an IM, “you’re going to need all your sanity for the next three weeks.” At that moment I realized why I enjoyed the Burning Man experience so much and why I’m looking forward to this move. It’s a challenge, it’s crazy, a little bit stupid, and a step into unknown. It rattles my once boring life to the core. It dusts off all the parts of me that have lain dormant for years. It’s so crazy, it just might work. Rubin put it well with “like riding this wave of pure chaos.” On the introvert side, that’s why I’m so happy. On the more extrovert side I can’t wait to get to SF and hang out with some great people!

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