evening commute

Posted in Mobile Posts at 10:30 pm by divinity

I think I got this caltrain buses thing figured out for the most part.
I’m gonna need to adjust my schedule so I can make the 6:10 train home
since it gets me home significantly earlier than the 6:55. Its weird, I
feel like one of those grownups riding the train to work that I always
saw when we went on vacation to a big city when I was a kid. It’s kind
of weird to think that I’ll be getting to the city after 10pm eastern
time. I already seem to have adjusted to Pacific time even though I
totally messed with my sleep schedule this weekend. Mouse on Mars on
friday, a Hookahdome party on Saturday until 6am, and the NIMBY fire jam
last night that kept us up past 1am. Sorry CST, I think I’m going to
have to defect.

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