Morning commute

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My first morning commute to the new office. Rubin was nice enough to
drop me off at the Caltrain station this morning. I missed the first
train by minutes, but grabbed the next one at 8:44am. A nice pleasant
hour or so on the train and I hopped off at the Santa Clara stop.
Transit511 had told me to grab the #10 bus from there, so I hopped on
board. We started heading the right way, but turned off too early and
headed into the Santa Clara airport parking lot. A bit of confusion
asking other passengers for help, then the bus driver. I decided just
to walk from where I was since it wasn’t too far. A pleasant 10minute
walk in gorgeous weather and short sleeves. Got into the office, got
the tour, my computer, and now I’m setup (for the most part).
Next adventure… getting home.
Oh, and while I was on the train I got a call from the landlord of my
new place to let me know it was mine! As of thursday morning I will
have a residence in San Francisco.

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