A new place

Posted in Mobile Posts at 3:40 am by divinity

I am sitting in the middle of my new apartment, staring out the window
at the lights of the Sutro Tower. You can’t wipe the smile off of my
face. Only one road trip left. I still can’t believe I’ve pulled it
off thus far. Such a huge change, both in location and myself. I’m
living the life I want, and where I’ve wanted. I should have been here
years ago, it feels so much like home already. The buses, the trains,
walking the streets, the people, the weather, the mountains, the
attitudes, the opportunities, so much to take in and so enjoyable. And
I owe so much to my friends, especially Rubin and Chu. They’ve been so
welcoming and helpful and I don’t think I could have done it without
The last few months have brought me to depths of fear and peaks of joy,
and I wouldn’t change anything.

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