Day 4 continued..

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Wow, cell signal has been very spotty all day. That explains the odd
times/order/etc for my previous posts.
We finally crossed the border into California and there was much
rejoicing. We had to get the UHaul quickly inspected (no immigrants,
fruits, or vegetables were found) and then we drove into the sunset on
I-40, continuing the last legs of this cross-country trek.
We just got through the Mojave Desert and the Tehachapi Mountains. The
little car is still chugging along through the hills and the wind. I am
amazed that this 4-cynlinder 9year old car is still going after 2300
hard miles.
Our original plan was to stay in Bakersfield, and drive up to San
Francisco, but it looks like we’ve got the stamina to keep driving and
make it to Paso Robles tonight.
Oh, and for anyone coming this way, expect to get nailed for gas at
almost $4/gal because there’s nothing else around. Fill up often and
when it’s cheap or be prepared to pay at the oasis.

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