OSF Complete!

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We spent Thursday night at a brand new La Quinta in Paso Robles, and
then did the last bit of drive into San Francisco Friday morning. We got
to my place around 2:30ish after hitting some traffic on 101. Rubin
walked down the street to come help us unload. So appreciative to have
an extra hand. The uhaul and car that took us 5-6 hours to pack was
unloaded in about an hour and then we headed out to grab a futon so I
would have a place to sleep. We dropped off the futon and parked the
car+uhaul in the lot next to my building that was owned by the friendly
church across the street. Again, more kindness that was such a huge
help. I don’t know where in SF we would have found parking for a car
and a uhaul. Then it was off to Amina’s Pizzeria for a late dinner with
Rubin and Reed.
It was so nice to wake up in my own place in SF this morning. The cats
are still adjusting but they absolutely love the sunlight streaming in
from the bay windows. I’m already feeling the “busy weekends” syndrome
as there are multiple things going on and not enough time to do them
all. It’s going to be great out here!

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