I got an ipod

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On black friday I saw that Apple was having a small sale on their
ipods. $31 off the 80gb video ipod I’ve been eyeing for awhile. So I
caved and decided I’d get myself an early xmas present. Unfortunately
the online store was down, so I decided I’d just run down to the store
down on Stockton st. I knew it was black friday and I knew it would be
crazy down there, and I’d probably endure hell, but saving $31 for the
cost of a $1.50 bus fare is a good deal.
So I hopped the #5, jumped off on Market st and merged into the sea of
people covering every square inch of the sidewalk. Popped into the
Apple store, glanced around, didn’t see anything interesting, snagged a
girl on the floor who checked me out with her little handheld device,
and tossed the ipod box in my bag. It was so quick that I was able to
use my bus transfer for the ride home instead of dropping another
$1.50. Roundtrip time, under an hour. Not nearly as hellish as I
Public transportation++
Mobile checkouts++
80gigs of music/video++
Sinai says I’m officially an SF hipster now with my bus-riding and ipod

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