Bottom of the Hill with Justin

Posted in Mobile Posts at 7:10 pm by divinity

After a long afternoon of santas, zombies, rain, and then the nicest hot
shower I’ve taken in awhile, I met up with Justin and Lucy at his place
down the street. He welcomed me with a PBR and then it was off on the
22 to Bottom of the Hill where there was a punk show. Several Guinness
later we found ourselves waiting forever for the 22 to show back up
after unsuccesfully trying to ride Justin home. (We crashed
spectacularly in the middle of the intersection). One of the photos is
of Justin laying on the sidewalk waiting for the bus. He assured me
this was not out of the ordinary, but Lucy demonstrated how easy it
might be for someone to accidentally step on him. On the way home Lucy
and I stopped for pizza at Mythic Pizza and somehow managed to consume
it walking uphill back to Justin’s place.

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