My Roomba

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I finally got one. My roomba arrived today. Now that I have hardwood
floors it’s going to come in handy. It got it’s first test run tonight.
The results? One pissed off kitty, one eaten cable, and one kitty litter
mat dragged across the kitchen. Oh and a cleaner floor. 🙂 the thing
is kind of funny to watch. It basically runs around bumping into things
like some drunk kid. And when I see it getting “stuck” in the same area
I want to jump up and rescue it. But like a responsible parent, I
figure he’ll learn eventually and enjoy my seat on the couch. Although
I would like to see the AI that’s going on inside as it runs around the
Now I just need to come up with a name for him. And I’m half tempted to
put a webcam on him.

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  1. heather said,

    December 20, 2006 at 11:33 am

    Haha, now you know why it makes me crazy to watch Pierre trying to navigate our mess. Oh, Pierre. Does yours have a name yet?

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