Even MC Hammer has a Sidekick 2

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Looks like everyone is getting into this blog thing. Even MC Hammer has his own blog! He even does some photo moblogging from his sidekick which gets him some coolness points. I wonder if he’s on the celebrity list to get a Sidekick III?

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Mmm free food at work, and I even got some beads!


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Old school!

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I was unpacking some boxes that have been cluttering up our apartment
and found my old Game Boy sans screen protector but with the ever
present Tetris cartridge in there. As far as I know I don’t own any
other games anymore and have no need for any others since Tetris is one
of the best handheld games ever. Surprisingly the batteries in it were
good, so I played a quick game. I’ve still got some skills, scoring 113
lines. Its amazing that the Game Boy is almost 20 years old! I wonder
if the DS and PSP handhelds being sold today will still be around when
I’m 40.

Breakfest at Egglectic

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Haven’t been to eggclectic in awhile, so we went down for a late
breakfast before brit was off to work. Tasty as always!


Spell your name with Flickr

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Almost everyone should know about flickr by now.  Here’s a cool site that has a script that will spell whatever you specify with photos of the letters grabbed from flickr.  Worth at least a few minutes of fun.



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Einstein likes us!

Make your own..

Sitting in darkness

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Grrrr this is at least the 5th time the power has gone out this week
that I know of. Luckily I’m still up and will be able to reset the
alarm before going to sleep this time. Last night it went out while we
were sleeping. 🙁


Getting kind of silly..

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This is getting to be a bit much, but I love all the desktop space!
Unfortunately one machine is leaving me, but in it’s place comes a
faster one including a 3ghz p4, 3gb of ram, and a dvd burner. Now I
just get the joyous task of moving everything over.

Boing Boing: Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

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Boing Boing: Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

I haven’t watched this video yet, but I’m sure it’s interesting.  I’m posting it more of a way for me to remember to take a look at it when I’m at a machine with speakers.

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