Sand Fantasy

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I was introduced to this cool art form on a forum I frequent.  I recommend watching the “Imagine” video.  It’s strangely calming.  Here’s what the site has to say about the artist:

Ilana draws on sand, using only her fingers.  As she weaves together sand, lighting and music, Ilana creates incredible three dimensional vistas they play out in perfect time with the musical accompaniment, Indeed, it is difficult  to decide if the music accompanies the work of art, or vice versa Ilana’s fingers dance in the sand on the glass to the music, the resulting aesthetic dynamic is powerful and moving.


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The Sparks hat matches the havoc shirt. Now if we could just get Sparks
to sponsor the next havoc!


Yet another reason to watch curling…

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From the March 2006 issue of Playboy:
“Here’s to girls with big stones. The risque athletes of Torino 2006 are
female curlers; seen here is Polish ice queen KASIA. Copies of their
calendar are available at thecurlingnews.com

Too cold…

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With the windchill, its dropping down below zero!!! Uggh…


Danger fanboy

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Another addition to my danger swag thanks to RPM! Its so difficult to
take a picture of your back.

Credit Cards

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Thanks to John Maeda (and Lifehacker for posting it) for this handy little utility for anyone in credit card debt. Quickly and easily see how long it will take to pay it off!

Dumb or blind?

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Either way I’m glad he’s in the parking lot and not on the road.
Hey Mr Big Suit, remember that the ability to park is what separates a
human from a monkey.


Teach a cat tricks?

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Britni will probably be all over this cat trick after she reads it.  No more just “standing up” for Annabelle.


Nine Inch Nails at The Rave

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We went and saw NIN in Milwaukee at the Rave’s Eagle Ballroom with a
bunch of old and new friends. It was incredible. After seeing NIN in a
large arena, I vowed never to waste money on a ticket unless they were
playing a smaller venue. This was the perfect place. They played a lot
of old stuff as well as the good new stuff. Some of the songs they
played: Mr Self-Destruct, Wish, Closer, Reptile, Piggy, Hurt,
Starfuckers, and a few others I can’t remember right now. The venue was
great, with plenty of room for everyone (for the most part). I spent
the last third of the show up in the pit right in front of the stage,
4-5 people away from the fence. Trent may be getting a bit old, but he
still puts on an incredible show! Now we’re chilling and recovering at
Vox, a chill little bar in Milwaukee. The pictures probably look like
crap, but what can you expect with the sk2 cam in lowlight, eh? I did
catch one guy snapping a pic with his treo though.


I like eating cereal

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Thanks to my new milk friend I can enjoy cereal again. Opened up a
fresh box of Cocoa Krispies and poured a bowl only to have the prize
come out right away. Where’s the fun in that?

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