Where to?

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Happy Birthday Britni

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Yesterday was Britni’s birthday. We ended up going out to Entourage for


ego post

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Went out and got a haircut today thanks to Norma at Hip Salon in Schaumburg, IL. I don’t
want to sound vain, but I think it looks great! I even got my eyebrow
waxed so now I have two of them! There’s my best Blue Steel.


Speed Flying

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This looks like way too much fun!  Dad, the avid paraglider, sent over this link to a movie of guys on skis with mini-wings.  It looks like it would be a great thrill!  More info on it here.


Socialist Sushi » portaPuTTY

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ripped from Lifehacker 

Socialist Sushi » portaPuTTY

PortaPuTTY is a portable version of the popular SSH client PuTTY that can run off your USB thumbdrive.

PortaPuTTY stores all of its information in files on your USB drive rather than in the Windows registry, perfect for all you security hounds on-the-go. Aside from that small difference, it seems to look and work the same as the original.


Ed Note: I haven’t tried this yet, but it will definitely be my next addition to my thumbdrive if it does indeed work without leaving a trace on the machine.


First class to ORD

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A fitting sight to see at the airport while all the support and helpdesk
people are away at the conference.

Casa de Waffles

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Got a late night call from my manager asking if I wanted to go to Waffle
House in the morning for breakfast since I had mentioned it before. Mmm
bacon egg and cheese sandwich, a waffle, and a sweet tea. No better way
to start the day!

Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, Tn

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Apparently I only remembered to get a few sidekick pics last night at
the Wild Horse Saloon. We enjoyed watching people fall off the
mechanical bull all night, while the Lo Cash Cowboys entertained us with
a show. I don’t even know how many buses it took to get all 2500 of us
over there, but it was a good time!


I am the winnah!

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I Service-Now.com! I can no longer
say I never win anything. Hehe This was great icing on the cake for a
convention I had low hopes for. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and
I’m a little disappointed to have to fly home to Chicago tomorrow.
Tonight we’re all headed to the Wild Horse Saloon where my boss is going
to try her hand at the “electric horse” (mechanical bull to the rest of
us) so that should be fun.

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