Oxygen bar

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Thanks to LANdesk, we took a break for some tasty oxygen at their booth
at the HDI Conference.


HDI Conference begins!

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The HDI Conference has officially started! Although we’ve been here in
Nashville since Friday taking some certification courses. I took my
test today, so the rest of the time here is stress free. Just gotta run
around attending the different sessions, visiting the different booths,
and collecting free random stuff. The first general session and opening
session was this afternoon. We walked into the enourmous room, and sat
down while a country band was playing a few songs. Before we knew it,
Reba McIntyre was on stage performing! I’m not a big country music fan,
but it was quite a surprise. After some introductory stuff, Chad Hymas
came out and talked to the crowd. Chad is a 32 yr old guy who became a
quadriplegic 5 years ago when a 1ton bale of hay landed on him. He
talked about his life and how he’s had to overcome the challenges and
adapt to a completely new way of life. He told quite a few stories and
touched on how he set a world record by wheeling himself 500 miles from
Utah to Las Vegas. He also plays full contact quad rugby! Quite an
impressive guy.
When Chad was done talking the opening session ended and the tech booths
opened downstairs. We hit quite a few in the hour and a half we spent
there, coming away with a backpack full of freebies from the different
companies here. My favorites have got to be the keychain etch-a-sketch,
the sticky dart men, and the blue LED pen. The Opryland hotel has been
incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling around this
area, or even for a weekend trip. It has just about everything. I’ve
literally only been outside 3 times since I got here, but hardly even
notice with all the indoor gardens around here. But now it’s late, and
my feet are sore from all the walking, so I’m heded to bed, so I can get
up and walk all over again tomorrow!


Gaylord Opryland Hotel

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I’m down in Tennessee for a conference at the Gaylord Opryland hotel
this weekend and half of the week. This place is impressive! First of
all it’s enourmous. So big that it requires a map to get around!
Second of all, it’s all indoors including the 9 acres of gardens, the
river with boat rides, and the 44ft waterfall! Here’s a few sk pics. I
wish I had brought my camera because the sk just doesn’t do it justice.



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Just what I needed, snow. It’s really coming down now. I’m not looking
forward to the drive home. 🙁

Littering and….

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IL License: 354 0149
@ the Euclid Rd exit off 53
I saw that trash fly out the window. Make sure you leave your windows
open, so we can throw our trash in your car.


CSS layouts for free

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Another great web design thing I found today was this page.  It gives you the code for 40 different layouts based on CSS.  A great way to start with the framework of a site you are designing.  I will definitely be putting these to use!

Sizer rocks!

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Anyone out there that does any web design knows that you should always keep your surfer’s resolution in mind when developing. I do most of my work on a widescreen laptop, so I usually have to jump on another machine to check the standard 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768 resolutions. I always wanted a utility that would automatically size a window in that size so I could easily check while I develop, but noone ever knew of one. One has finally been found with Sizer. I’ve had it installed for 2 seconds and I already love it. 🙂 Thanks man!

Britni’s new earrings

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200603142245133.jpg 200603142245122.jpg 200603142245121.jpg
Yes, they’re functioning…

Little Debbie

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These things are friggin addictive… Bought the box last night and
there was only one left when we called it a night.


Guinness Surger!

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Shamefully ripped from Gizmodo

The Guinness Widget is a neat feat of engineering and it does pour a halfway decent pint from a can, compared to what you’d get from a keg at a pub, but if you live in the UK you have another option as of this month. The Guinness Surger is a electrical device with a small metal plate on it; you pour a little water onto the plate, put a pint of the special Guinness Draught Surger Beer in place and then turn the power on, sending ultrasonic pulses up through the beer to create the creamy head we all know and love.

If that sounds incredible, you really need to watch the video and see it in action, it really is amazing to see in action. £16.99 for the starter kit which includes one Surger, a pint glass and two cans of Surger Beer, it’s currently only available at Tesco Extras in the UK.

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