Rock Bottom in Chicago, IL

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Met up with Alan and friends who are in Chicago for a few days. We hit
up Rock Bottom for a good dinner and great beer. The sidekick camera
sucks in lowlight. Hehe


Only 126 days till Burning Man

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Only about 4 months till Burning Man 2006!!


All dressed up

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Got all dressed up and ready for my mother’s wedding today. Dad and JM
wanted to take pics obviously, so we had to throw in a few sidekick


lotus sighting

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The louses (lotii?) are out up here as well. Followed one to work this


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Sears Tower in Chicago, IL

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I’ve been in chicago for awhile, but I had never made it to the top of
the Sears Tower. So today I hopped on the el and made the trek into the
city. I got up to the skydeck as the sun was setting and got to see the
city light up. Quite a beautiful site, and awe inspiring to look out
those windows and try to fathom the number of people out there.
Check one more thing off the list of things to do in Chicago!

Sleeping cat

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My cat sleeps a lot…


I am certified!

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I passed my test and I am officially a certified Help Desk Analyst!

Dane Cook @ the Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL

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Britni’s birthday present was finally ready. Tickets to Dane Cook’s
show at the Allstate Arena. We got there a bit late due to terrible
traffic but didn’t miss too much. A great show, even with some
technical difficulties.


Thank you life..

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“I feel that this has given me the most incredible and wonderful thing
that I have ever been given and also the worst. Its a mixed bag. I
have been taken to the depths of extreme terror by this, I’ve had my
whole soul undermined by it on the one hand, on the other hand in one
sense my experience has been about finding joy.” –UNKLE
Life constantly forces you to grow and reevaluate yourself. Sometimes
you find yourself completely turned upside down, as if you were tumbling
through the surf, lost in a sea of foam. The instant reaction is fear,
fear of drowning, being dashed upon the rocks, fear of serious injury
and death. But when you stop fighting and realize that you must align
yourself with what the universe has in store for you a strange
peacefulness washes over you. Before you know it, you find yourself on
the shore, ejected from the ocean with a clear picture of the waves in
front of you. It is at this point that life forces you to take some
time and question whether the break you see in front of you is what you
truly want to ride. Perhaps there is a better breaking wave down past
the rocks. You have to spend some time on the shore, just breathing,
catching your breath and observing what is going on around you. The
realization that you are in charge of your decisions, and that
ultimately you are own and you will find “your wave” will set your mind
at ease. You know which breaks you want to surf, but ultimately you and
the universe will decide together which wave is suitable.

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