Almost there!!

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We passed through Reno and Sparks, stopping to stock up on Sparks and a
few other things at the Albertsons. They even had big signs and a
staging area with well-stocked items essential for burners. Now we’re
ruising down I80 on a gorgeous day with the sun starting to dip down
behind the mountains. Only a matter of miles before we’re at Black Rock

Final Burning Man preparations

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All day yesterday was spent running around town gathering the last
necessities for Burning Man. A $35 bike score for me, 30 gallons of
water, various camping bits and pieces, and a selection of easy food
items. Chu just headed out to get the Falcon, then its load up time and
on the road for us. Hopefully we’ll hit Black Rock City around sundown.


TMobile’s new advertising campaign

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High-end marketing campaign spotted in San Francisco.


I’m baaaack

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Chu, being the kickas guy that he is, picked me up from the Oakland
airport and it was back to San Francisco for the second time! A shot of
the Bay Bridge, the Financial District, and the Sutro Tower finished off
our Friday. Now its time to drop off the Falcon loaded with the photo
studio and various other Burning Man crap and hoof it back to Chateau

Touchdown in CA

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I’m learning to relax when I fly into Oakland. You get awfully low to
the water before land (and thankfully the runway) suddenly appears under
you. But the flight out is great with all the mountains.


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Getting ready to land after a long flight from OHare to Phoenix. One
more leg from PHX to Oakland today. I was real smart and packed all the
batteries in my checked bags, my mp3 player’s battery is dead, and I
forgot my Sidekick headset… so I guess ill be reading on the next
flight to pass the time.

Too early

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Ugghh.. Not nearly enough sleep


I’m off to see the man Burn

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A journey that has been bouncing around my mind for 9 years, and has been close to an obsession for the last 3 months, and it is finally here. I fly out tomorrow for San Francisco, and then drive out to Black Rock City on Sunday for Burning Man. Basically I will be out of contact for two weeks, starting tomorrow. No internet, no cell phones, virtually no outside communication while I’m in the desert. Think this geek can handle it? hehe We’ll see! I’ll be back on Sept 6th. Everyone take care until then!

p.s. if you happen to be going and I didn’t know it for some reason, swing by Anxious and 9:00 and ask around for divinity 🙂

Tshirt creation

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I decided I needed something original and creative.

Midnight blue?

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Rubin said he wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t join in the hair dying.
So I chose “midnight blue” as they didn’t have any other blue. Turned
out a little more aqua, but oh well. Hehe

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