I’ve been gotten

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Dark made it over to the rabbit hole after I drove around town for a
bit. 10 points for team shocker

A hunted man

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I’m on the Halloween
Hunt list
for anyone in the Chicago area to hunt down. Only worth
10 points though! Don’t I rank up there with MC Hammer? Hehe So far
only Team Shocker has contacted me, and I was able to talk them out of a
2am visit last night. I’m half tempted to make them track me down today
with only this.


It seems kind of silly

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But apparently you need pet resumes to find a place in San Francisco.


Inside a light gun

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On a whim I took apart an old nintendo light gun to see what was
inside. Then I decided to post up stuff in an article, How
does the Nintendo Light Gun Work?

I should really be packing.


Benefits of packing

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When you have to pack up everything you find the stuff you haven’t see
in months as well as stuff you completely forgot you had! I found my
sparks hat buried in the closet along with a pair of never worn pants,
tags still on them.


Why I’m so happy lately..

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The past few days I’ve been unshakably happy. All the little stuff can’t touch me. I couldn’t truly pinpoint exactly what it was for awhile. I knew it had to do with finally heading out to California, but I’ve done other moves in the past. I should be hating life right now with all the packing and crap. But Rubin made me realize it when he sent me an IM, “you’re going to need all your sanity for the next three weeks.” At that moment I realized why I enjoyed the Burning Man experience so much and why I’m looking forward to this move. It’s a challenge, it’s crazy, a little bit stupid, and a step into unknown. It rattles my once boring life to the core. It dusts off all the parts of me that have lain dormant for years. It’s so crazy, it just might work. Rubin put it well with “like riding this wave of pure chaos.” On the introvert side, that’s why I’m so happy. On the more extrovert side I can’t wait to get to SF and hang out with some great people!


Feline possession

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I think evil spirits have taken over Bunki’s body…


Trying something new

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Impulse buy from the snack machine…

Pillow cat

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Pillow cat waits for you to fall asleep and then she will strike like a
ninja in the darkness.


Report onThe Brown Bear

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The brown bear has sharp teeth. He’s tall, 11 feet. He’s very heavy,
1600 pounds! He has stronglegs and strong claws. The brown bear’s fur
is thick and usually golden brown. His paws are as big as a
basketball. His arms are 8-9 feet apart.
The brown bear is the biggest bear. We may only see him in zoos. He’s
called “The Big Daddy” of the bear worl. He grazes like a cow. He’s
also named Kodiak bear, Alasken brown bear, and Big brown bear.

Lol old school reports are great.

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