My drive home

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SantaCon 2006 is coming!

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I’m so ready…

From the tribe posting:
SantaCon 2006!!


Gather your Elves.
Feed your Reindeer.
Santa is on the move!

We’re posting this early so that Santas can make it to more than one Santarchy and the weather has a better chance of not being an ASS like it was last year. This is the firm date and will not change, rain or shine.

December 9th

*An unmarked drinking vessel (paper bag/camelbak) to supplement bar drinks
*CASH for drinks and tips
* TIP YOUR BARTENDERS! Santa tips well.
*$5.50 for ferry (if coming from Oakland)
*$1.50 for MUNI (in quarters!!) (MUNI has NO CHANGE MACHINES!)
*A Santa suit held together with zip ties and/or covered in last year’s beverages and bodily fluids.
*Santafication tools (to make others into Santas).
*A ball or two or three…
* Bring toys/gifts (Naughty AND Nice!)
*Beer money
*Lube and condoms (elf size, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing)
*Comfortable shoes – because Rudolph got drunk again and can’t cart your sorry ass around
*Warm Clothes – Santa goes all night long!


* 8:30-9am – East Bay Gathering
Heinhold’s First and Last Chance Saloon 56 Jack London Square, Oakland
* 10:00am- Ferry Trip!
Oakland to SF Pier 41
Don’t be late or you’ll be waiting for about 2 hours for the next ferry.
Purchase tickets onboard the ferry – $5.50 One Way

* 10:30am – San Francisco Gathering
at Carousel @ Pier 39
Santas get on for ½ price!!: $1.50
* 11:30am – Santarchy!


Don’t fuck with KIDS!
Don’t fuck with THE LAW!
Don’t fuck with SECURITY!


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Yeah, right..


I got an ipod

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On black friday I saw that Apple was having a small sale on their
ipods. $31 off the 80gb video ipod I’ve been eyeing for awhile. So I
caved and decided I’d get myself an early xmas present. Unfortunately
the online store was down, so I decided I’d just run down to the store
down on Stockton st. I knew it was black friday and I knew it would be
crazy down there, and I’d probably endure hell, but saving $31 for the
cost of a $1.50 bus fare is a good deal.
So I hopped the #5, jumped off on Market st and merged into the sea of
people covering every square inch of the sidewalk. Popped into the
Apple store, glanced around, didn’t see anything interesting, snagged a
girl on the floor who checked me out with her little handheld device,
and tossed the ipod box in my bag. It was so quick that I was able to
use my bus transfer for the ride home instead of dropping another
$1.50. Roundtrip time, under an hour. Not nearly as hellish as I
Public transportation++
Mobile checkouts++
80gigs of music/video++
Sinai says I’m officially an SF hipster now with my bus-riding and ipod


Thanksgiving at Piratey Monkey’s

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Thanksgiving took us over to Piratey Monkey’s house for a Thanksgiving
dinner. A delicious turkey, plenty of great side dishes, and even
tofurkey. After stuffing our faces it was time for some guitar hero.

Ask Dr Hal

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I went out last night with some friends down to 12 Galaxies, in the
Mission to see Ask Dr. Hal. These two blurry pics were the result. It
was entertaining. Basically Chicken John reads questions taken from the
audience, Dr Hal answers them, KROB provides an audio backdrop, mixing
music through the show, and David Capuro throws up relevant and
sometimes quite funny pictures from the internet on the big screen.
Also in attendance was a different “chu” than the one we all know. Frank Chu, who has a
very interesting story, was there with his protest sign. Of course the
bar was named after him, so not a big surprise.


Convenience store?

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I propose that they are no longer called convenience stores, but rather
Expensive Stores. Ten seconds from my front door is convenient. A $20
bag of groceries is expensive.

Working from home

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With a half day today, there was no point to commute for about the same
amount of time I would be in the office. So I’m enjoying the company of
my cats as coworkers and a nice sunny office at home while I work.


Boost Mobile i415 for internet

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My Boost Mobile Motorola i415 phone that I used for where/youat finally
decided to cooperate and tether to my laptop so I can have (slow)
internet access. The speeds aren’t anything exciting, but it’s better
than nothing. A few tricks that may or may not be required for anyone
trying to do the same:
Install the Motorola iDEN USB Modem drivers
Leave the username/password blank
Phone number is S=2#777
In the modem configuration turn off all hardware features.
Under the Networking tab of the connection settings, hit settings and
disable LCP extensions and enable software compression.
Make sure you can send an MMS message from the phone.
Make sure you have a good signal. 🙂


OSF Complete!

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We spent Thursday night at a brand new La Quinta in Paso Robles, and
then did the last bit of drive into San Francisco Friday morning. We got
to my place around 2:30ish after hitting some traffic on 101. Rubin
walked down the street to come help us unload. So appreciative to have
an extra hand. The uhaul and car that took us 5-6 hours to pack was
unloaded in about an hour and then we headed out to grab a futon so I
would have a place to sleep. We dropped off the futon and parked the
car+uhaul in the lot next to my building that was owned by the friendly
church across the street. Again, more kindness that was such a huge
help. I don’t know where in SF we would have found parking for a car
and a uhaul. Then it was off to Amina’s Pizzeria for a late dinner with
Rubin and Reed.
It was so nice to wake up in my own place in SF this morning. The cats
are still adjusting but they absolutely love the sunlight streaming in
from the bay windows. I’m already feeling the “busy weekends” syndrome
as there are multiple things going on and not enough time to do them
all. It’s going to be great out here!

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