It’s too early

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I haven’t left the house this early in awhile. Today I get to start
working in the SF office though, so no 2+ hours of commute! It’s a cold
and dreary day, but a good one.

Christmas @ NIMBY

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Christmas evening was spent at a party at Nimby. Quite a few leftover
christmas trees had been collected and were being burnt throughout the
night. What better way to close out a christmas than friends, burning
xmas trees, fire art, flamethrowers, spinning rope dart, and watching
people do aerials. More pictures are on a flickr set. There are some great
ones of me spinning rope dart on fire for the first time.


Fort Something

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A selection of some of the fun found at Fort Something, one of the
coolest houses in Oakland. Cats, movies, video games, mirrors, and


Post updates…

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I copied some posts over that I made on other blogs I write to because I thought they deserved to be on here too. Here they are:

And now, live from the Rabbit Hole…
Wipe the smile off my face


My Roomba

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I finally got one. My roomba arrived today. Now that I have hardwood
floors it’s going to come in handy. It got it’s first test run tonight.
The results? One pissed off kitty, one eaten cable, and one kitty litter
mat dragged across the kitchen. Oh and a cleaner floor. 🙂 the thing
is kind of funny to watch. It basically runs around bumping into things
like some drunk kid. And when I see it getting “stuck” in the same area
I want to jump up and rescue it. But like a responsible parent, I
figure he’ll learn eventually and enjoy my seat on the couch. Although
I would like to see the AI that’s going on inside as it runs around the
Now I just need to come up with a name for him. And I’m half tempted to
put a webcam on him.


Wipe the smile off my face

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Life is good. Everyday I sit in my car on my hour or so commute to work and just reflect on things. The car has always been a place where I do a lot of thinking. I keep thinking about just how damn happy I am these days. Like pure, genuine, happiness. So much so that I find myself smiling and talking to myself about how unbelievably life has changed in just one year. Last Christmas was the beginning of the end, but this Christmas is more the end of the beginning. I’ve made it to San Francisco, I’m settled in, I’m comfortable in the middle of a city, enjoy (to some extent) public transportation, and the cats are happy. I’ve made tons of new friends, enjoyed a myriad of new experiences, and learned a lot about life and myself over the last few months. While I feel like I’ve gotten past the beginning, I’m not about to stop learning and exploring.

This has all bubbled up to the surface because the last few days have been really good. The progress to move me to the San Francisco office and save me an hour commute has moved incredibly faster than I ever imagined. They want to move me over on Friday! Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me, so it’ll be just after Christmas, which is still great. Sunday night was an enjoyable dinner at Herbivore (quickly becoming my favorite restaurant), and then a real chill fire jam (my first since I moved) out at NIMBY. (I want to see how the pictures turned out Tristan! 🙂

I had a great night last night hanging out, building furniture, and wishing it wasn’t a weekday so I didn’t have to go to work in the morning. Today was a gorgeous day, and the drive to work down 280 was beautiful. Oh, and on the geek front, my webcam is running, my remote home automation (i.e. turn off/on my lamp from my sidekick) is functional, I found a great flickr slideshow that lets me use my LCD as a digital picture frame, my roomba arrived today, and the automated litterbox is due tomorrow or Thursday. And of course this is just the past few days, not to mention everything in the last month (Holiday party, Zombies vs Santas, dinners/lunches, I could go on and on). Tomorrow is anime night over at the fort and I’m looking forward to hanging out with people. Just so much positivity in my life right now.

It gets me thinking though. I want to share this positivity so badly. I feel like I don’t deserve even half of it, and like money and love, when I have it I want to share it. So, if there is anything I can do for anyone, please let me know! I am constantly in debt to so many friends that I find it difficult to repay them. I’m on the lookout for ways to give back, but if you can think of something, for yourself or someone else, please let me know.


And now, live from the rabbit hole…

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I had a webcam fetish back in the day. I set one up again. It’s only uploading a static image every minute so far. Not sure if I want to tackle live streaming or not. But for now, here’s the view at the rabbit hole:

Keep an eye out for cats in the reflection as they like to sit on the couch directly behind the camera. Oh, and if all you see is floor, then one of them knocked it over… probably Bunki.


My Wish Lists

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Due to popular demand from the family, here are my wishlists:

My Amazon.com Wish List

ThinkGeek Wish List

They’ll be updated over time whenever I get bored. Btw, anyone that wishes to ship me anything, please use USPS. DHL/FedEX/UPS/etc can’t get past my front gate to drop off packages. Plus UPS is evil. As an alternative to physical objects, donations to the EFF and ACLU are cool.

I quit

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Enough waking up and feeling like crap. Besides, they don’t seem to
have my cigs of choice in San Francisco.


Broken flash drive

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Of course, not even a week since I threw out the receipt and one of my
1gb flash drives breaks. Its still functional, just can’t keep it handy
on my keychain. Oh well, at least it happened in my pocket and I didn’t
lose it like the last one.

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