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Yet another good weekend. Friday night we went over to Rubin’s for a small birthday gathering. He picked me up a cool little book about Rubik’s Cube art and spaced invaders and whatnot. Some fun stuff. (An attempt at a good prank/sf0 task was started that evening, but later aborted as the reaction was a bit stronger than expected.) (flickr set | Rubin’s flickr set)

Saturday morning was spent lounging in bed after the banging downstairs started at 8:30am. They’re tearing the apartment out from underneath me apparently. I didn’t mind when they cleaned up the garden out back, but the hammering directly underneath my bed early on a Saturday morning? not so nice.

A quick bowl of cereal for breakfast and then it was off to NIMBY to make the wick for my rope dart. With the assistance of Nicole, Heather, and Ian (thanks!) and playing with some power tools, I soon had a wick to attach to my rope dart. Now I’m just looking forward to the first time I get to burn it. (my flickr set)

After NIMBY, it was back to the fort to check on some cats and grab some fuel for the evening. Then over to my place to regroup before we started to head to the Xmas tree burn on Ocean Beach. George scooted over to meet us, and it was decided that I should probably eat, being it was 8pm and I hadn’t eaten anything all day save a bowl of frosted flakes. A stop in at the Bean Bag Cafe, I wolfed down a hamburger, satisfying the craving of my stomach and then off across town.

As we passed by the area where the Xmas tree burn was going on, we saw several cops and rangers at the entrance to the beach. A phone call to Rubin assured us things were still going on, and we parked and walked onto the beach to find a somewhat disappointing bonfire. I had expected a huge roaring fire, visible from high flying jets with passengers wondering if Burning Man was taking place in January this year. I figure the amount of xmas trees leftover would compare to the scene I saw at NIMBY on xmas night, but alas, the fuzz was limiting the amount of fire and fun (is that just redundant?).

The afterparty was at SlimNiferColin’s house. We went and hung out for a bit, meeting Cryptic and Ghastly, two of the coolest hairless cats I’ve ever met. Were entertained by an animatronic chimpanzee head, and general conversation. After that it was back to the rabbit hole to crash.

Sunday morning Heather and I headed over to the Green Chile Kitchen to introduce her to the breakfast burritos that seem to have become a weekend staple in my life. Then after some indecision, we headed out to the Sutro Baths to watch the sunset and walk around. As far as I can remember, this was the first time I saw the sun set over the pacific ocean. We took a couple pictures, and then sat on one of the concrete ledges to watch the sun disappear from the horizon. I fumbled with my sidekick, trying to get the camera to load up so I could take a picture and blog it until Heather reminded me that sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it. So the sidekick and the camera went back into the pockets for awhile, we snuggled up against the chilly sea breeze and watched the sun slowly sink over the sea with smiles on our satisfied faces.
(but we did get a few good photos, which you can see on my flickr)

After the sun disappeared and we were done walking around, we headed back east. After more indecision and confusion, we decided to stop at the organic grocery store on the corner across the street from “my” corner store to gather food stuffs to cook. Heather then proceeded to make a delicious meal of couscous and stuff while I did battle with a failing router. We made it half way through Pirates of the Carribean 2, marveling at the effeminacy of Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as the amount of disbelief suspension required.

A night filled with dreams, including one about a post-apocalyptic world and me that I wish I could remember. Now it’s back to a long week of work, basically doing double-duty working the first tier support for incoming calls as well as handling my second tier cases that are still open. What fun. I’m already looking forward to Thursday (the Fire Ballet at The Crucible), and the weekend though.

Some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

by Rubin

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  1. Alan Seales said,

    January 8, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    Hey dude, well you’re right. I googled myself and found a blog post you made about me when I filmed Odd Man Out 4 years ago (or whenever it was). I’m back in NC and working with a manager from LA sending demos out to CBS and NBC. Keep your fingers crossed that something will hit for pilot season! I’m glad you found your way out West. Hopefully I’ll be joining you soon.

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