My landlord rocks

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I totally forgot to include this in my weekend recap, but it deserves its own post. Anyone that was over on Friday got to hear the loud noise coming from the basement. They’ve been redoing the foundation underneath my apartment for awhile, but this was a steady noise that was going on into the night, and was kind of annoying. The neighbors expressed frustration too, and ended up leaving my landlord, Wilson Properties, a message. We thought we’d just have to put up with it all weekend until the workers came back on Monday morning.

Sunday morning the noise suddenly stopped. Later I received a voice mail from my landlord, apologizing for the noise (a jackhammer fell over and turned on) and that I would be getting a partial refund on this month’s rent. He ended up personally driving over and dropping off a sizeable check for both me and my neighbors along with a verbal apology and a note thanking us for our understanding with all the construction.

I was totally impressed and once again reassured that I truly landed a nice place. 🙂 In the last month not only has the back garden been cleaned up, making my view 1000 times better, but they’re also taking the time to reinforce the foundation, as well as do their best to not disturb the current tenants. Are all landlords in San Francisco this cool?

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