I’m dead.

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I finally got smoked this morning. I was walking past my bus stop to grab a morning drink from the corner store. I was already bored with the game and had gotten real lax in my activities, hoping it would draw out my assassin and give me some excitement. I didn’t even bother to check or look out for anyone, and as I passed him and the bus stop, he pulled out a small pistol and hit me in the left shoulder 2 or 3 times. My first thought was, “wtf is this guy doing?” when he moved suddenly. Then the sound of the gun registered in my head. “But this is a bus stop! ahh the hell with it, I’m done, good job.” We chatted for a few. Apparently he found my friendster, then my flickr, then ‘s flickr, then her livejournal, then my livejournal, and then sat outside this morning for 2 hours waiting for me. He was able to identify and obviously me without needing to do the typical name call out most assassins have been using to confirm targets. I handed over my ID card and info on my target plus a few tips on things I had already found out about him. I’m officially out of the game and quite glad. Next time either I’ll be on a team or I won’t play. Solo play when you have a job and other activities going on is more tedious and annoying than it is fun. I’ll still be watching the streetwars blog for updates though.

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