Weekend (and week) update

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Figure I ought to update last weekend (and week) before this weekend starts. Heather is so much better at this. But here we go:

Didn’t get out of the apartment until 5ish, but was nice to stay in.
Went over to The Fork for Dani’s going-away, pre-gaming party.
Ate a bunch of delicious vegan sushi.

Went to the Dustfish Massive party in west Oakland. It got shut down early, no suprise. It was easy to see being that it was enormous and everyone was there. The car ride back was fun.

Rubin was kind enough to drive us back to The Fort which turned into an after party until dawn.

Several people crashed at The Fort, and we all started rousing around noonish.
The weather was unbelievably beautiful and it was determined we would have a picnic at Mountain View Cemetery.
The entourage walked to the grocery store, bought food and girl scout cookies and then hiked to the cemetery where we feasted, took pictures, spun rope dart and flags, climbed pyramids, and enjoyed the sun.
I took a large number of photos, playing around with my still new camera, learning the ins-and-outs of it.

Then it was back to The Fort for a DDI meeting, then back across the bay to my place to crash.

Work, website coding, etc.

Went to The Fort for massive amounts of cooking. I won’t even try to recount what was there, but it was all delicious. I was so distracted that I did not document via pictures.
Watched The Lost Boys, chatted about Sidekicks, went to bed.

Haircut time finally!
Went to the Pirate Salon for a haircut with Tanya after waiting almost 3 months. The mullet is once again gone, and she did a great job of accentuating the blue that Heather put in awhile back.

Work and then coding, coding, coding.

Sick as a dog, stayed home from work.

There, all caught up! 🙂
Hopefully this weekend Heather and I will make it to Monterey, but that all depends on me feeling better.

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