No posts lately?

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I must be slacking! Just a few things I’ve been meaning to post:

Friday – sucked, I hope noone gets what I had. It ranked just under food poisoning on my list of illness. Luckily it lasted 24 basically. Thanks to everyone who sent their get wells, and especially the parents for the medical advice. 🙂

Saturday – Surprisingly I felt much better and Heather and I headed to Monterey

Sunday – Otter Madness at the Monterey Aquarium, some enjoyable tidepooling, and dinner with Heather’s parents.

Work this week brings me down to Santa Clara for some day-long meetings, so I’m hanging out in a swanky hotel room all to myself rather than having to make the drive back and forth 3 times. While the room is extra nice, I do miss Heather and the cats being around. Not sure what the weekend brings, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

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