Observations in Spain, Wednesday, August 1st

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El Campello Sunrise

more pictures from August 1st

I woke up incredibly early (7am) and decided to spin some rope dart on the roof deck of my condo while watching the sun rise over El Campello. It was incredibly quiet, as the Spanish apparently are not morning people. After some spinning and some photo taking, I got dressed and ventured down the road for some food. There’s a gas station down the road from me that has a little cafe where they back bread and whatnot. Not having exchanged my US dollars for Euros, I attempted to purchase an orange juice via credit card and was promptly denied. Through the use of a few words and motions, I asked the woman behind the counter where the nearest atm was. She pointed down the road and rattled something off in Spanish, I assume it was something like “there’s a bank 4 blocks that way”. I nodded, understanding only the direction she was pointing and started walking. 15 minutes later, after asking another person via motions and single spanish words, I found the ATM. Money in hand, I ventured back to the gas station for coffee and pastries, slightly more confident.

After breakfast I headed to the office, getting in around 9:30 to find very few people there. Everyone is an afternoon person like me, so I figured things were going to be nice once my internal clock configured itself. A long day at work learning all sorts of new things left me exhausted at the end of the day. I went straight home to the condo and fell asleep, skipping dinner entirely.

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