Hip-Hop Pop-Up

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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with pop culture and advertising for quite some time. While I find quite a bit of it insulting and manipulative, I also find it incredibly intriguing at the same time. Hip-Hop Pop-Up is one of those sites that extracts and exposes the subtle advertising in mainstream hip-hop today. With a culture built around brand names, what’s hot now, and flashy possessions, it’s not too surprising to see how often inadvertant commercials are dropped in the lyrics. However most of us are so used to it that it doesn’t stand out. Hip-Hop Pop-Up will play a mainstream hip-hop song and launch pop-ups for each of the products/brand names that are mentioned in the lyrics. The current song on there is Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” which clocks in with 11 product placements and 10 companies, generating 12 pop-ups. You’ll want to turn off your pop-up blocker to get the full effect. Yes, kind of annoying, but so is the fact that we’re advertised to almost every second of our lives.

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Google Gadgets

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Yes, more free stuff from Google. Google has announced that Google Gadgets are available! What once was only available on your Google homepage can now be embedded in your website. Once they fix some annoying resize issues I’m sure you’ll see the sidebar of this site fill up with useful (and not-so-useful) gadgets.

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Pandora + Last.fm

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I love Pandora, it seems to always know what I want to hear. I also like Last.fm because I’m a bit of a stats junkie and it’s interesting to see what my listening patterns truly are. Now I can combine the two with a great FireFox plugin.


Wikiality! – We’re no fans of reality…

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There’s a new site on the web, prompted from Stephen Colbert’s new addition to the common vernacular: wikiality



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sfbuildingsfbuildingHosted on Zooomr

Zooomr is giving out free Pro accounts to bloggers. Run over there and grab yours. I just uploaded a random picture of a building that I thought was cool in San Francisco.


NBC will buy Tribe.net

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TechCrunch » Blog Archive » NBC will buy Tribe.net

I found Tribe again a few months ago and have spent a lot of time on there meeting really interesting people.  Compared to the other social networking sites it seems to have a lot more substance, more real people, less spam, and a lot more interesting dicussion.  Of course the fact that it’s overrun by Burners doesn’t hurt. :)  If you want to add me, here I am.


NAO Design

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These guys have got some incredibly cool stuff. I want so much of their stuff: the TV Table, BiPlanar Table, the tower lamp, and a bunch of the stuff that isn’t even for sale!  They’re also responsible for the JL421 Badonkadonk that you may have heard of.
NAO Design


Dark Miracle

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Dark Miracle

Josh Ellis, a net journalist, wrote a great peace about his visit to the site of the first atomic test, the Los Alamos/Trinity Test Site .  A well written piece about some of the history, and the magnitude of what happened early one morning in 1945.


Open-Loop.org :: A Chicago Surveillance Camera Mapping Project

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Chicago has a lot of cameras.  So many it’s kind of scary from an anti-1984 point of view.  Luckily someone has taken it on to log the cameras so you can know exactly when you might be on video.  Open-Loop.org


Even MC Hammer has a Sidekick 2

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Looks like everyone is getting into this blog thing. Even MC Hammer has his own blog! He even does some photo moblogging from his sidekick which gets him some coolness points. I wonder if he’s on the celebrity list to get a Sidekick III?

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