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Prompted by 6 months of lack of updates on MySpace, I put together a quick “What’s happened in the last 6 months” post. I noticed later that I had already done a few of those months on this site. Oh well, consider this partially a rerun. 🙂

Here are the last 6 months of my life in list format:

October 2007
Arse Elektronika – How many times in your life can you say you got to see a tongue chainsaw in use?
– LTJ Bukem at Temple (omg) – Incredibly good show that had me dancing even after the rest of the crew left, leaving me alone and smiling.
– Heather’s radioactive treatment for the remainders of the thyroid cancer. She did not gain any new super powers, but everything went well.
– Modeselektor (omg) – tiny little show that was unbelievably good. Dancing until we were dripping with sweat and couldn’t dance any more.
– UNKLE (meh) – finally saw UNKLE live and was unfortunately disappointed.
– Launched www.sklxthemes.com – After months of rewriting the code base I used for sk3themes.com, I launched my first site (www.sklxthemes.com) using the templatized code. Currently the site hovers between 8-9,000 visitors a day. My code stands strong so far! My bandwidth bills ended up shooting through the roof though, but luckily ad revenue still covers it.

November 2007
– Kai’s birthday in Monterey – Went down to Monterey with a group of friends to run around the Monterey aquarium in honor of Kai’s birthday

– Launched www.skslidethemes.com – Second site using my new code! Not as popular since the Slide had a lower adoption rate, but still not bad.
– Said goodbye to Gabby.
– Double date with Mella/Nicole that sparked a Top Gun obsession
– Thanksgiving with Heather’s family
– Mike Doughty – I finally got to see Mike Doughty, the man behind Soul Coughing who’s music I love.

December 2007
– Saw Bladerunner on the big screen – The final cut was released into theaters and we somehow managed to organize 20+? people to get to the theater and see it all together.
– San Jose art trip – Running around San Jose checking out art.

– Early Christmas in NC with my family – Heather and I flew out to NC to stay with my mom and celebrate Christmas early with them. I got to show her around my old high school stomping grounds and she got to meet everyone.

– Heather and I celebrated our anniversary at the top of the Mandarin Oriental – An expensive night, but a gorgeous view with a gorgeous woman that made it worth every bit!

January 2008
– New Years celebration in Joshua Tree – Spent the New Years weekend in Joshua Tree, camping in the backcountry. Millions of Joshua Trees, climbing mountains, freezing, fitting everyone into one tent, and lots of fun.

– Went and ‘heard’ Audium
– Rewatched The Wizard with friends. I love the power glove, it’s so bad.
Trampolines and Sushi for my birthday (Wow, I actually made it past 27! Now what?)
– Work on 2pir started back up
– Heather and I moved in together into an awesome 2 bedroom right down the street from my old place and across the street from Rubin!

February 2008
– Day trip to LA for work – I love working in the Video Games industry.
– Nicole’s crazy Lego party – So many legos. I didn’t know anyone ever owned that many legos. We managed to put together a couple of sets, but spent most of the time organizing. Rubin made a cool time-lapse video of the afternoon.

– Annual Valentine’s Day Pillow fight in SF – Fun as always

– Snowboarding trip to Yosemite – Spent the weekend with one of Heather’s friends in her cabin in Yosemite. Finally got a chance to go snowboarding after so many years and found out that I still could do it. Next year, more snowboarding trips!

March 2008
– Danger Weekend – shooting semi-automatic weapons and skydiving. I got a chance to shoot an original issue AR-15 and loved it. It’s weird, I never thought I’d be interested in guns.. No interest in shooting anything other than targets though. We also went skydiving the next day. My second jump and it was a lot of fun.

– Bunki got sick (hepatic lipidosis) and had a feeding tube put in! 🙁 We’re not sure why she stopped eating, but she lost 40% of her body weight and her liver wasn’t functioning right. She seems to be on the mend and is eating by herself now. She hates the e-collar though.

– The new and improved Interpretive Arson webpage got built and launched!
– Pi Day (3/14) party at Peter’s – Last minute celebration of Pi day
– Sara’s Arcade Birthday party – A bunch of 20-30 year olds running around an arcade. What’s not to love? Tons of skee ball and crane games.
– (Pre)Easter dinner with Heather’s parents

Whew… Lots of stuff, I’m sure I forgot something or other, but that should be good for now.



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The people behind possibly the best video… ever.


Laptops, The Orb, and Pillow Fights

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Life has been too busy to post regular updates of the caliber that I would like, so here’s a summary post of things over the past week or so.

New Laptop
The laptop is in. It’s nice. It’s small. It has everything I need (except maybe bluetooth but I don’t need that yet). It needs stickers. I’ve stopped hitting “q” instead of tab. Vista is actually kind of nice, although I’m not in love yet. I still don’t know why I get “Access Denied” when I try to open “My Pictures” but the Photo organizer is pretty cool.

Dinner With The Orb

Tuesday night was dinner with The Orb and Heather at The Supper Club here in San Francisco. We literally ate dinner with Alex and Thomas. Their bed at the supper club was next to ours. The food was absolutely wonderful. They accommodated my dairy issues quite well even! The courses? a sushi salad, pepper soup, scallops, unbelievably good organic beef cooked to perfection, some sort of strawberry/yogurt dessert thing, and then a little bit of gelato. The drinks at the Supper Club are also quite good. I highly recommend the Black Cherry Drop. The atmosphere of the Supper Club was surreal. I don’t even know how to describe it sufficiently. We ate dinner on a comfortable bed in an all white room, being served by a man in a tight silver vest and a silver painted mask. The man in an all tie-dye outfit danced with his matching cape, while The Orb (technically Le Petit Orb) played in the center of the room. People were getting massages from the two masseuses wandering around, while others piled pillows in front of The Orb and enjoyed the show lounging a few feet away. People dressed in elaborate costumes slowly moved around the room, in a half-dance, half-walk, providing nothing other than eye-candy. A woman in a gold bikini and gold body paint came out and did some of the best hooping we’ve ever seen. We were in awe and couldn’t take our eyes off her. While we were inside we totally forgot about the rest of the world. The Orb did a set for everyone that was there for the dinner, and then later in the evening the doors were opened to the rest of the world for them to put on another show. By then it was late, we could feel ourselves starting to sink into the bed, so we decided that we should call it a night, as it had already peaked with good music, good food, good company, and good conversation. We gathered our shoes and headed out with smiles on our faces.

I didn’t bring my camera in, partially because I didn’t want to experience the night through an LCD. But other people were nice enough to shoot a few pictures:

San Francisco Pillow Fight 2007

Wednesday night was the Pillow Fight at Justin Herman Plaza. Another one of those events where it seems like everyone shows up even though it was technically Valentine’s Day. Ian brought with him pillow rope darts which were entertaining. Thanks to the kindness of the rotating group of friends who watched over our stuff, I was able to leave my bag behind and spend some time in the mêlée, both as a participant and as an embedded journalist. The feathers eventually got to me though and I found myself coughing and rubbing my red eyes on the sidelines after two trips into the fray.

Needless to say there are tons of photos and videos of this event as somewhere 1000 people turned out. Although, can anyone back that number up? hehe Here are my photos as well as a video I took walking through the heart of the battle. More photos and videos can be found over at Laughing Squid.

After the pillow fight, it was off to a sushi dinner with Reed before he heads off to the other side of the world for a few months. After who knows how long it’s been since I got food poisoning, I was finally able to eat sushi again, or at least I tried some. Some random postcards, a delicious dinner, and we wished Reed well. For posterity sake, here is a picture of Reed before he left:

Tonight is a “rabbit night” where I get to lock myself in my apartment and get things done that get put off while I’m out having fun. However the weekend brings all sorts of new fun to look forward to.


SantaCon 2006 is coming!

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I’m so ready…

From the tribe posting:
SantaCon 2006!!


Gather your Elves.
Feed your Reindeer.
Santa is on the move!

We’re posting this early so that Santas can make it to more than one Santarchy and the weather has a better chance of not being an ASS like it was last year. This is the firm date and will not change, rain or shine.

December 9th

*An unmarked drinking vessel (paper bag/camelbak) to supplement bar drinks
*CASH for drinks and tips
* TIP YOUR BARTENDERS! Santa tips well.
*$5.50 for ferry (if coming from Oakland)
*$1.50 for MUNI (in quarters!!) (MUNI has NO CHANGE MACHINES!)
*A Santa suit held together with zip ties and/or covered in last year’s beverages and bodily fluids.
*Santafication tools (to make others into Santas).
*A ball or two or three…
* Bring toys/gifts (Naughty AND Nice!)
*Beer money
*Lube and condoms (elf size, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing)
*Comfortable shoes – because Rudolph got drunk again and can’t cart your sorry ass around
*Warm Clothes – Santa goes all night long!


* 8:30-9am – East Bay Gathering
Heinhold’s First and Last Chance Saloon 56 Jack London Square, Oakland
* 10:00am- Ferry Trip!
Oakland to SF Pier 41
Don’t be late or you’ll be waiting for about 2 hours for the next ferry.
Purchase tickets onboard the ferry – $5.50 One Way

* 10:30am – San Francisco Gathering
at Carousel @ Pier 39
Santas get on for ½ price!!: $1.50
* 11:30am – Santarchy!


Don’t fuck with KIDS!
Don’t fuck with THE LAW!
Don’t fuck with SECURITY!


Google Gadgets

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Yes, more free stuff from Google. Google has announced that Google Gadgets are available! What once was only available on your Google homepage can now be embedded in your website. Once they fix some annoying resize issues I’m sure you’ll see the sidebar of this site fill up with useful (and not-so-useful) gadgets.

via Lifehacker


Free Hugs…

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We need more of this…


Going back to school

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I’m going back to school. The desire for education has been there for years, but the dislike for the structure of our education system reared it’s head early on. Now, thanks to Google and UC Berkeley I can go to class whenever I want. They’re putting up free videos of lectures on Google Video. This makes me so happy. I’ll finally be able to pause my teachers when I need a break, fast forward through the boring useless parts, and go to class whenever I feel like it.


160 Megapixels?!

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Tired of being able to fit your camera in your pocket? Feel like you should be carrying around a computer to store super high resolution photos on? Have several thousand dollars to spend? Well then you need a Seitz! Some stats:

# Create a high resolution 6×17 digital image (160 million pixels) in
one second!
# User-friendly camera system and software with 640×480 pixel colour touch screen for perfect preview, editing, zooming and image control
# State-of-the art computer technology with gigabit Ethernet file transfer, powerful portable mini-computer (storage device) and handheld control device (PDA) with IP network WLAN connection

And yes, that is a Mac Mini in the pictures. Images so big you need a Mac Mini to store them. At least you can sit down and load up Photoshop and edit your pictures right there on the beach!

More Info and Buy it!


Talk Like a Pirate day

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So yeah, I’m going to go jump on some bittorrent sites, maybe download the latest movie instead of seeing it in the theaters. Then I’m going to hunt down a cracked copy of Photoshop. Maybe even download the latest version of Windows so I don’t have to pay for it. Then it’s off to the back alleys to buy some illegally copied CDs of my favorite musicians. Wait, what? Oh.. THAT kind of pirate..


NES emulating Media Player

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Sign me up for one of these!

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