new laptop sleeve

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Heather is awesome! She made me a new laptop sleeve from scratch!
Cordura, padding, and even a zipper!


My unique fortune

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Was the same as Heather’s. Looks like Hunan China Restaurant got a good
deal on a batch of fortune cookies.


At the infamous Bacchus Kirk with Chu

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Stopped by Bacchus Kirk after work to grab a few drinks with Chu. The
sidekick camera fails in lowlight situations.


Another one..

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Another one joins the sidekick family.


Motorcycle or Car

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Seen on highway 280 on the way down to Santa Clara, CA. Whatever it is,
it looked like fun!


Look out!

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Hey look, it’s Danger!


Best Sidewalk Score

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We were walking around Oakland last sunday, enjoying the weather and
came upon a pile of stuff on the sidewalk. It was mainly trash but
sitting there in plain view was a Linksys WRT54G router. The holy grail
of cheap routers. I picked it up, turned it over and gasped when I saw
it was v3. Easily hackable and with extra RAM on board. In my bag it
went with a silent hope that it was still good. I just now got around
to checking it. Looks like its in perfect shape. Even flashed DD-WRT
on it! Score!


New work toy

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Err I mean tool. Hehe 20.1″ widescreen monitor.

New Toy

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Dinner with The Orb @ the Supper Club, San Francisco

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The perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day. Heather and I went to the
Supper Club for a decadent dinner and a great intimate show with The Orb
on Tuesday night. I was planning on writing up a review of the whole
experience, but I seem to be unable to find any decent amount of free
time these days. So here are the pictures.

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