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Prompted by 6 months of lack of updates on MySpace, I put together a quick “What’s happened in the last 6 months” post. I noticed later that I had already done a few of those months on this site. Oh well, consider this partially a rerun. 🙂

Here are the last 6 months of my life in list format:

October 2007
Arse Elektronika – How many times in your life can you say you got to see a tongue chainsaw in use?
– LTJ Bukem at Temple (omg) – Incredibly good show that had me dancing even after the rest of the crew left, leaving me alone and smiling.
– Heather’s radioactive treatment for the remainders of the thyroid cancer. She did not gain any new super powers, but everything went well.
– Modeselektor (omg) – tiny little show that was unbelievably good. Dancing until we were dripping with sweat and couldn’t dance any more.
– UNKLE (meh) – finally saw UNKLE live and was unfortunately disappointed.
– Launched www.sklxthemes.com – After months of rewriting the code base I used for sk3themes.com, I launched my first site (www.sklxthemes.com) using the templatized code. Currently the site hovers between 8-9,000 visitors a day. My code stands strong so far! My bandwidth bills ended up shooting through the roof though, but luckily ad revenue still covers it.

November 2007
– Kai’s birthday in Monterey – Went down to Monterey with a group of friends to run around the Monterey aquarium in honor of Kai’s birthday

– Launched www.skslidethemes.com – Second site using my new code! Not as popular since the Slide had a lower adoption rate, but still not bad.
– Said goodbye to Gabby.
– Double date with Mella/Nicole that sparked a Top Gun obsession
– Thanksgiving with Heather’s family
– Mike Doughty – I finally got to see Mike Doughty, the man behind Soul Coughing who’s music I love.

December 2007
– Saw Bladerunner on the big screen – The final cut was released into theaters and we somehow managed to organize 20+? people to get to the theater and see it all together.
– San Jose art trip – Running around San Jose checking out art.

– Early Christmas in NC with my family – Heather and I flew out to NC to stay with my mom and celebrate Christmas early with them. I got to show her around my old high school stomping grounds and she got to meet everyone.

– Heather and I celebrated our anniversary at the top of the Mandarin Oriental – An expensive night, but a gorgeous view with a gorgeous woman that made it worth every bit!

January 2008
– New Years celebration in Joshua Tree – Spent the New Years weekend in Joshua Tree, camping in the backcountry. Millions of Joshua Trees, climbing mountains, freezing, fitting everyone into one tent, and lots of fun.

– Went and ‘heard’ Audium
– Rewatched The Wizard with friends. I love the power glove, it’s so bad.
Trampolines and Sushi for my birthday (Wow, I actually made it past 27! Now what?)
– Work on 2pir started back up
– Heather and I moved in together into an awesome 2 bedroom right down the street from my old place and across the street from Rubin!

February 2008
– Day trip to LA for work – I love working in the Video Games industry.
– Nicole’s crazy Lego party – So many legos. I didn’t know anyone ever owned that many legos. We managed to put together a couple of sets, but spent most of the time organizing. Rubin made a cool time-lapse video of the afternoon.

– Annual Valentine’s Day Pillow fight in SF – Fun as always

– Snowboarding trip to Yosemite – Spent the weekend with one of Heather’s friends in her cabin in Yosemite. Finally got a chance to go snowboarding after so many years and found out that I still could do it. Next year, more snowboarding trips!

March 2008
– Danger Weekend – shooting semi-automatic weapons and skydiving. I got a chance to shoot an original issue AR-15 and loved it. It’s weird, I never thought I’d be interested in guns.. No interest in shooting anything other than targets though. We also went skydiving the next day. My second jump and it was a lot of fun.

– Bunki got sick (hepatic lipidosis) and had a feeding tube put in! 🙁 We’re not sure why she stopped eating, but she lost 40% of her body weight and her liver wasn’t functioning right. She seems to be on the mend and is eating by herself now. She hates the e-collar though.

– The new and improved Interpretive Arson webpage got built and launched!
– Pi Day (3/14) party at Peter’s – Last minute celebration of Pi day
– Sara’s Arcade Birthday party – A bunch of 20-30 year olds running around an arcade. What’s not to love? Tons of skee ball and crane games.
– (Pre)Easter dinner with Heather’s parents

Whew… Lots of stuff, I’m sure I forgot something or other, but that should be good for now.


Bicycle Day 2007

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Last Saturday was Bicycle Day. A great day had by all and a near-death experience for me and my very old bike tires. Pictures are here and favorites are below. A HUGE thank you to Ian and Nicole for organizing this, and an extra thanks to Ian for fixing up my bike both before the trip and during. The company was great, Marin county was beautiful, and the ferry ride back into San Francisco reminded me of how beautiful of a city I live in and how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. Here’s our route (thanks to Heather for mapping it out), and a quick rundown of the events:
– Waking up at 9am after getting home from Yuri’s Night at 6am to find that it is raining. We somehow get out of bed and catch the ferry on time.
– Last minute supplies at a bike store in Sausalito
Bay Model
– Getting lost in suburbia. “I know everything about biking around here except for this exact one spot you are in.”
– Greenbrae Boardwalk (unfortunately noone took photos, but these will give you an idea of how unique of a place it is)
– Waiting for the ferry and watching the clouds grow in the distance over Katamari-esque hills
– A beautiful ferry ride south through the Bay into San Francisco
– A long BART ride back to the Fort where good food was made, fire was spun, and people hung out for hours

From my camera:

from raindrift’s:


Yuri’s Night @ NASA Ames

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Yuri’s Night 2007-04-13 @ NASA Ames: (all photos here)


No posts lately?

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I must be slacking! Just a few things I’ve been meaning to post:

Friday – sucked, I hope noone gets what I had. It ranked just under food poisoning on my list of illness. Luckily it lasted 24 basically. Thanks to everyone who sent their get wells, and especially the parents for the medical advice. 🙂

Saturday – Surprisingly I felt much better and Heather and I headed to Monterey

Sunday – Otter Madness at the Monterey Aquarium, some enjoyable tidepooling, and dinner with Heather’s parents.

Work this week brings me down to Santa Clara for some day-long meetings, so I’m hanging out in a swanky hotel room all to myself rather than having to make the drive back and forth 3 times. While the room is extra nice, I do miss Heather and the cats being around. Not sure what the weekend brings, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.


Weekend (and week) update

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Figure I ought to update last weekend (and week) before this weekend starts. Heather is so much better at this. But here we go:

Didn’t get out of the apartment until 5ish, but was nice to stay in.
Went over to The Fork for Dani’s going-away, pre-gaming party.
Ate a bunch of delicious vegan sushi.

Went to the Dustfish Massive party in west Oakland. It got shut down early, no suprise. It was easy to see being that it was enormous and everyone was there. The car ride back was fun.

Rubin was kind enough to drive us back to The Fort which turned into an after party until dawn.

Several people crashed at The Fort, and we all started rousing around noonish.
The weather was unbelievably beautiful and it was determined we would have a picnic at Mountain View Cemetery.
The entourage walked to the grocery store, bought food and girl scout cookies and then hiked to the cemetery where we feasted, took pictures, spun rope dart and flags, climbed pyramids, and enjoyed the sun.
I took a large number of photos, playing around with my still new camera, learning the ins-and-outs of it.

Then it was back to The Fort for a DDI meeting, then back across the bay to my place to crash.

Work, website coding, etc.

Went to The Fort for massive amounts of cooking. I won’t even try to recount what was there, but it was all delicious. I was so distracted that I did not document via pictures.
Watched The Lost Boys, chatted about Sidekicks, went to bed.

Haircut time finally!
Went to the Pirate Salon for a haircut with Tanya after waiting almost 3 months. The mullet is once again gone, and she did a great job of accentuating the blue that Heather put in awhile back.

Work and then coding, coding, coding.

Sick as a dog, stayed home from work.

There, all caught up! 🙂
Hopefully this weekend Heather and I will make it to Monterey, but that all depends on me feeling better.