What a weekend!

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Consulting the map
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I never got around to posting about the weekend, and there’s just too much to post. I enjoyed the company of almost everyone I know in San Francisco this weekend at one point or another. I met some new people, yet didn’t really feel like I was meeting them as I was familiar with who there were via the internet. And it was kind of weird (but amusing at the same time) that people knew who I was. Some of the new (in-person) faces now in my conciousness:

Jake Applebaum/lj
Violet Blue
John (didn’t catch last name)

Who am I missing?

I won’t bother to try to recount the weekend. Most of it was spent with Heather and she did a good job already.


Man’s snake-in-mailbox joke leads to federal criminal charges

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Another sf0 task gone bad…

WZZM 13 Grand Rapids – Man’s snake-in-mailbox joke leads to federal criminal charges


I assure you we’re open

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Quote Or Scene Performance

With Clerks 2 coming out soon, we had to pay homage to the original black and white low-budget film responsible for Kevin Smith’s success. Plus we couldn’t find much of anything else in CVS at midnight other than shoe polish. Bird made a call to Matt, in search of a sheet, he had one he was willing to donate to the cause, so we ran and picked him up and went to a nearby playground to make the sign and spend way too much time spitting out lines from Clerks

Security rolled by somewhere around 1am to check things out. He was told that it was a “school project” and that we’d be gone in 10 minutes. He was cool with that and rolled on his way.

Once the sign was dry, it was time to find a Quickstop. Bird knew of a Kwik Mart (close enough) and off we went. It was as if the place was made for us. We pulled into the parking lot, hung the sign with clips that were already there, and snapped some pictures. After the Kwik Mart we decided we ought to hit as many places as we could with the sign: Circuit City, Cub Foods, Microcenter, and EB Games made the list as we drove around. There were a few weird looks and one cabbie asked what it was for, we told him it was “for a movie”

With this task, I’d like to welcome the new Chicago sf0 crew, hopefully with our powers combined we can compete with the MPLS and SF crew before I defect to SF. 🙂

“What smells like shoe polish?”

Click here for all of the pictures via flickr

‘Bridge Troll’ Arrested After Confrontation With Deputy

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This sounds like an SF0 task gone bad…

TheDenverChannel.com – News – ‘Bridge Troll’ Arrested After Confrontation With Deputy