I love my cat

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Bunki is just plain entertainment. Heather captured this video:


The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

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This may be more interesting to the Bay Area locals, but I figured other people might find it neat as well. This is an old newsreel about the Bay Bridge opening up back in 1936. I love the style with which this news is presented. It’s exciting and sensational and for good reason.

Some fun facts about the Bay Bridge (via wikipedia)
* The Bay Bridge is 44,352 ft (8.40 miles) long.
* One of the busiest bridges in the US, carrying approximately 280,000 vehicles per day.
* The legal name of the bridge is The James “Sunny Jim” Rolph Bridge
* Construction began on July 9, 1933, with the bridge opening on November 12, 1936, causing one of the greatest SF traffic jams ever.
* The total cost came out to $79.5 million (equivalent to $1.07 billion in 2005 dollars).
* The toll started at 65 cents, dropped to it’s lowest of 25 cents.
* The current toll for autos is $4, collected only for westbound traffic. For comparison, the original $0.65 toll in 1936 would be $8.62 in 2005 dollars.
* The dirt excavated for the Yerba Buena tunnel (the largest diameter tunnel in the world) was used in part to build Treasure Island.
* Construction for a more earthquake-resistant replacement on the eastern span began in 2002, with an initial completion date slated for 2007. Now they’re looking at somewhere around 2012 or 2013.


Hooping at Yuri’s Night

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The people behind possibly the best video… ever.


The Bay Bridge shrouded in fog

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I drove back across the Bay Bridge this morning to go to work. I was surrounded in a most impressive manner by fog. Here are two videos I took:

I love how the bridge just fades in with this one:


Driving across the Bay Bridge after Christmas

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Heather and I head back across the Bay Bridge late at night after the Xmas party at Nimby. There’s something I just love about the Bay Bridge. Both it and the Sutro Tower represent SF for me.


My drive home

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