This is an experiment in the web. I’ve done this once before with decent amount of success. Basically it’s the reverse of looking for people. Instead of googling all day long, I post a name and when that person gets around to googling their own name (which most people do at some point out of curiosity) then they find me! So here’s the list of people, if you’re on it, drop me a line to reconnect and let me know where life has taken you! Chances are you’ll know you’re the person I’m looking for based on either the note or you’ll remember me.

Nicole Tobin – Duke TIP Program
Shelpley Calloway – Forsyth Country Day School
Georgiana Williams – China
Amy Leeper – Mt Tabor
Doug Pierce – FCDS
Amanda Harper – Oak Hall
Brandon Beiger – Oak Hall
Miss Wolf/Wolfe – Oak Hall (wish I could remember your first name, but I do remember the other teachers called you Wolfie), you taught a computer class that had more of an impact on my life than you realize
Matt Rimel – Utah
Andy Guyton – GCDS
Robert King – GCDS